Head and Neck Muscles

  1. Frontalis
    • Origin:Cranial Aponeurosis
    • Insertion: Skin of eyebrows
    • Action: raises eyebrows
  2. Orbicularis oculi
    • origin: frontal bone and maxilla
    • insertion: tissue around eyes
    • action: blinks and closes eyes
  3. orbicularis oris
    • origin: mandible and maxilla
    • insertion: skin and muscle around mouth
    • action: closes and protrudes lips
  4. temporalis
    • origin: temporal bone
    • insertion: mandible
    • action: closes jaw
  5. zygomaticus
    • origin: zygomatic bone
    • insertion: skin and muscle at corner of lips
    • action: raises corner of mouth
  6. Masseter
    • origin: temporal bone
    • Insertion: mandible
    • Action: closes jaw
  7. Buccinator
    • Orign: maxilla and mandible near molars
    • Insertion: orbicularis oris
    • action: compresses cheek as in whistling and suckingl holds food betewen teeth during chewing
  8. Sternocleidomastoid
    • Origin: sternum and clavicle
    • Insertion: temporal bone (mastoid process)
    • Actoin: flexes neck; rotates head
  9. Platysma
    • Origin: connective tissue tissue covering of superior chest muscles
    • Insertion: tissue around mouth
    • Action: pulls corners of mouth inferiorly
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Head and Neck Muscles