Circ 1

  1. Blood returns to the right ________ through the ______________ & ______________ and the coronart sinus.
    • atrium
    • superior & inferior vena cava
  2. blood flows into right _________ through the ____cusipid valve it then enters the pulmonary trunk after traveling through the pulmonary __________ valve.
    • ventrice
    • tri
    • semilunar
  3. the pulmonary trunk divides into the right and left pulmonary _________ which take blood to the ________
    • Arteries
    • Lungs
  4. From the lungs blood returns to the _______atrium via the Pulmonary ________
    • left
    • Viens
  5. it then passes through the ___cuspid(_______)valve on its way to the left ventricle
    • bi
    • mitral
  6. blood then enters the _______ through the ________ ___________valve
    • aortic
    • arotic semilunar
  7. arteries
  8. veins
  9. systolic pressure??
    • top number
    • ventricles contract
  10. diastolic pressure??
    • bottom number
    • ventricles relax
  11. heart sounds??
    • closeing of the heart valves.
    • lub-1st sound caused closeing of av valves
    • dub 2nd sound closing of semilunar valves
  12. Sounds of Kortokoff??
    Blood pressure when listened through a stethascope
  13. SA node??
    • right atrium
    • initiates conduction impulse
    • pacemaker of heart
  14. Atrial Sysncytium??
    Mass of atrial cardic cells contacting as one unit
  15. AV node??
    base of interatrial septum pauses condution impulses to give venticles time to fill with blood
  16. Bundles of His??
    within interventricular septum divides impules between left and right sides of heart
  17. Purkinje Fibers??
    Takes impulese from Purkinje fibers to papillary muscles
  18. Venticular Syncytium??
    mass of ventricular cardiac cells contaicting together as one unite
  19. EKG
    P Wave
    First wave representing atrial depolarization
  20. EKG
    QRS Complex
    represents ventricular depolarization
  21. EKG
    T Wave
    Represents Ventricular Repolarization
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