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  1. What does Genesis mean?
  2. Who is the only one who had no beginning?
  3. Genesis 1:1 says God created what?
    the heavens and the earth
  4. Gen 1:2 - after God created the world it was covered with what?
  5. Gen 1:3-5 - What did God create the first day?
  6. Gen 1:6-8 - God divided the waters above the earth and on the earth on what day?
    second day
  7. Gen 1:9-10 - God divided the waters on the earth into land and seas on what day?
    third day
  8. Gen 1:3,9,18,25,31 - What did God say about his creation?
    It is good
  9. Gen 1:14 - What did God create to help us know the seasons, days and years?
    sun, moon, stars
  10. Gen 1:24-27 - What was God's special creation on the 6th day?
  11. Gen 1:12,21,24 - God said plants, fish, birds and animals were to reproduce how?
    after their kind / according to their kind
  12. Gen 1:26-27 - What is one important way man is different from animals?
    Man is created after God's likeness; man can think, plan and create; man can know and worship God.
  13. Gen 1:28 - God blessed man and His first command to him was to what?
    Be fruitful and multiply (or) increase in number (or) fill the earth with more people.
  14. Gen 1:29 - What did God tell people and all animals to eat at first?
  15. Gen 2:1-2 says since God had finished all his work of creation, He rested on what day?
  16. Gen 2:5-6 - Since it did not rain after God created the earth, how did the plants get watered?
    a mist came up from the ground and watered the plants
  17. Gen 2:7 - God spoke most of creation into existence. But God didn't just speak man in existence, He made man from what?
    the dust of the ground
  18. Gen 2:7 - How did man become alive?
    God breathed into him the breath of life
  19. Gen 2:8 - What was the name of the beautiful place where God put Adam and Eve?
    the Garden of Eden
  20. Gen 2:9 - What were the 2 special trees God placed in the Garden?
    The tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  21. Gen 2:10-14 - God made a river in the Garden that went out and divided into how many rivers?
  22. Gen 2:15 - What did God want Adam to do in the Garden?
    take care of it
  23. Gen 2:15-17 - Which special tree was Adam commanded not to eat from?
    the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  24. Gen 2:17 - Adam and Eve were created to live forever. But what did God say would happen to Adam and Eve if they ate from this special tree?
    they would die
  25. Gen 2:18 - Why did God create a woman?
    so man would not be alone
  26. Gen 2:19-20 - Who named the animals? Adam
  27. Gen 2:21-23 - What did God take from Adam to create Eve?
    a rib
  28. Gen 3:1 - what animal spoke to Eve?
    the snake
  29. Gen 3:4-5 - What lie did Satan tell Eve?
    that they would not die but would be like God
  30. Gen. 3:6-7 - After Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, what did they make for themselves?
    clothes out of fig leaves
  31. Gen 3:8-10 - When God came to meet with Adam and Eve in the Garden after they sinned, what did they do?
  32. Gen 3:11-12 - What did Adam do when God asked him if he had eaten the forbidden fruit?
    he blamed Eve
  33. Gen 3:13 - What did Eve do when God asked her if she had eaten the forbidden fruit?
    she blamed the Serpent
  34. Gen 4:14-15 - What 2-part curse did God speak to the Serpent?
    1-that he would crawl on the ground, and 2-that Eve's descendant would crush his head [meaning Jesus]
  35. Gen 3:16 - What was the 2-part curse on Eve?
    1-that she would have painful childbirth, and 2-that she would serve her husband
  36. Gen 3:17-19 - what was the 2-part curse God gave to Adam?
    1-that he would have to work hard, and 2-he would die
  37. Gen 3:20-21 - Death is the result of sin. The first death in the world occurred when God made clothes for Adam and Eve out of what?
    animal skins
  38. Gen 3:22-24 - God drove Adam and Eve away from the Garden of Eden so that they would not eat from what?
    the tree of life
  39. Gen 4:1 - Who was the first son of Adam and Eve?
  40. Gen 4:2 - Who was Adam's second son?
  41. Gen 4:2 - Cain was a farmer and worked in the soil. Abel was what?
    a shepherd
  42. Gen 4:3 - What did Cain bring as a offering to the Lord?
    food he has grown in the soil
  43. Gen 4:4 - What did Abel bring as a offering to the Lord?
    a lamb
  44. Gen 4:4-5 - Which man's offering did God accept?
  45. Gen 4:5 - Because Cain brought what he wanted to bring, not what God wanted Him to bring, what did Cain do when God did not accept his offering?
    He got mad
  46. Gen 4:6 - What did God tell Cain was the way to be accepted.
    Do what is right
  47. Gen 4:6 - What did God warn Cain was crouching at his door and about to overtake him?
  48. Gen 4:7 - What did Cain do because he was mad?
    • killed his brother
    • Gen 4:9 - What was Cain's response to God when he asked him where his brother was?
    • I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?
  49. Gen 4:10 - Cain thought he had gotten away with murder, but God said something was crying to Him from the ground?
    his brother's blood
  50. Gen 4:13-14 - Rather than being worried about being separated from God, what was Cain's biggest concern?
    That someone would kill him
  51. Gen 4:15 - Why did God placed a mark on Cain?
    so no one would kill him
  52. Gen 4:16 - Cain left God's presence and lived where?
    in the land of Nod
  53. Before Genesis 6 man often lived hundreds of years, so why after the flood did God shorten their lives to 120 years?
    Because of their wickedness
  54. Gen 6:5-7 - Why did God send the flood?
    Because people were so evil.
  55. Gen 6:8 - What one man had not forgotten God and lived to please Him?
  56. Gen 6:10 - Who were Noah's 3 sons?
    Ham, Shem, Japheth
  57. Gen 6:13-14 - Because God was going to kill everyone in the world, what did he tell Noah to do?
    Build an ark
  58. Gen 6:16 - How many decks did the ark have?
    3 - upper, lower, middle
  59. Gen 7:2-4 - God told Noah to take on the ark 7 pairs of what, 2 pairs of what, and 7 pairs of what?
    7 pairs of clean animals, 2 pairs of unclean animals, and 7 pairs of birds
  60. Gen 7:5 - After God told Noah what to do, the Bible says Noah did what?
    He did everything the Lord commanded.
  61. Gen 7:6 - How old as Noah when the flood came?
    600 years
  62. Gen 7:12, 17 - How many days did it rain during the flood?
    40 days
  63. Gen 7:14 - Who did Noah take with him on the ark?
    his wife, his 3 sons and their wives
  64. Gen 7:19-20 - The water rose so high on the earth that even what was covered?
    the mountains
  65. Gen 8:7-12 - What 2 birds did Noah send out to see if the land was dry?
    a raven and a dove
  66. Gen 7:11, 8:14 - How long did Noah stay in the ark?
    one year and 10 days. (The flood started on the 17th day of the 2nd month. He came out the next year in the 2nd month, the 27th day)
  67. Gen 9:1 - When Noah and his family came out of the ark what did God command them to so?
  68. Gen 9:3 - Before the flood man only ate plants. After the flood what did God tell Noah they could eat?
  69. Gen 9:8-11 - What was the covenant or promise God made to Noah after the flood?
    that He would never again destroy the earth with water
  70. Gen 9:12-17 - What was the sign of God's covenant?
    the rainbow
  71. Gen 4:25 - Adam and Eve's third was who?
  72. Gen 4:26 - What was the difference between Seth's family and Cain's family?
    Seth's family followed the Lord and Cain's did not.
  73. Gen 5:3 - How long did Adam live?
    930 years
  74. Gen 5:24 - Enoch was very special to God. What does the Bible say he did?
    He walked with God (or had a very close friendship with God)
  75. Gen 5:24 - What special thing happened to Enoch?
    He went to heaven without dying.
  76. Gen 5:26-27 - The oldest man in the Bible was who?
  77. Gen 5:27 - How many years did he (Methuselah) live?
  78. Gen 5:29 - Noah's grandfather was who?
  79. What also happened the same year Methuselah died?
    The flood came.
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