English Voci 12

  1. Luckily we had (erwarten) the question
  2. The purpose of an (Kartellverfahren) is to preventcompanies from controlling prices andreducing competition.
    antitrust trial
  3. Officials were accused of making a hugeadministrative (Fehler)
  4. The police (etw. mit etw.abgleichen) fingerprints () their database.
    check sth against sth (phr v)
  5. Officials meet regularly (brüten, sinnen über, überdenken) the future of the company.
    chew over
  6. There have been many attempts (gestalten, fertigen) apermanent peace settlement.
  7. I sat down and (etw. schnell erledigen) a couple of notes.
    dash smth off
  8. She was ( abgelenkt ) by the sound of runningwater.
  9. A (Machbarkeitsstudie) found the site unsuitablefor development
    feasability study
  10. (Ehrlich gesagt), I couldn’t care less what he thinks.
  11. You need to(jdn. (wg. etw.)kontaktieren) your landlord aboutthat leaky roof.
    get on to sb
  12. At first (Blick), the report looked very
  13. The plan to put rents up (hinuntergehenbei jdm. gut / schlechtankommen) well with tenants.
    go down (phr v)go down well/badly
  14. I found a (hastig, schnell) written note from Mike on thekitchen table.
  15. Her bravery is (unbestreitbar).
  16. This would make an (faszinierend) subject forfuture research.
  17. Don’t worry – just (jdm. etw. überlassen)
    leave everything to me.
  18. (etw. bei jdm.abstellen, belassen) me and I’ll see if I can sortsomething out.
    Leave it with
  19. Community workers will (mit jdm. in Kontaktsein) with the police in an effort to prevent further violence.
    will liaise with
  20. I’m (bis zum Hals in etw. stecken) in work at the moment,
    up to my neck
  21. His work has been badly (vernachlässigt)
  22. We took the (Vorsichtsmassnahme) of locking all the doors.
  23. Your employment (Aussicht, Chance, Perspektive) would be much better if you finished your degree.
  24. The big supermarkets have (verdrängt) many smaller shops out of business.
    pushed out
  25. He was severely (tadeln) for hisunsuitable behaviour.
  26. I think we can solve this problem without (zurückgreifen) to legal action.
    resort to sth
  27. The survey (aufdecken) that many consumersare aware of the risks involved.
  28. Gerücht
  29. There is talk of (verwerfen, verfallen lassen) the age limit altogether.
    scrap/ scrapping
  30. Mr Wadeson agreed to (sich aussergerichtlich einigen)
    settle out of court.
  31. This was a (schlampig) piece of work. You can domuch better.
  32. Candidates will be (ausfragen/befragen) during the months before the election.
    sounding out voters on their opinion
  33. (für jmd. einspringen) in for Peter while he’s away.
    I’ll be standing
  34. Burnett (ver-/anklagen) the newspaper for libel and won.
    to sue
  35. Don’t be (verlockend, reizend) to spend too much
    tempt / be tempted
  36. We don’t need an umbrella. (beim näheren Überlegen, nochmaligen überlegen), maybe we do.
    On second thoughts
  37. I counted seven (Druckfehler) in the first paragraph alone!
  38. When I first came back to work, a very (anspruchslos) job suited me but now I’m ready for more of a challenge.
  39. Business confidence was (untergraben, geschächt) by a series of major failures
  40. He (ausgraben, ans licht bringen) a rare early recording by Billie Holiday.
    unearth, unearthed
  41. His enthusiasm was (abnehmen) fast.
    wane/ waning
  42. Ross had nothing (was auch immer) to do with theincident.
  43. Alles in allem, she felt that the report was fair.
    on the whole
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