Urinary Systen

  1. purpose of liver
    makes bile, removes toxic chemicals,
  2. Gastrointestinal tract does
    alimentary tract

    removes salts, metal ions, fats
  3. ureters
    tubules that connect to teach idney
  4. Urinary Bladder
    muscular sac that drains ureters
  5. Components of urinary system
    uerters - urinary bladder, urethra, kidnes, allantoic stalk, allantoic bladder
  6. renal cortex
    outermost part of kidney, solid color mass that encericles the renal medulla
  7. renal medulla
    layer of fibrous branching tissue that surrounds the renal pelvis
  8. renal pelvis
    central chamber that collects all the filtrate urine
  9. nephrons
    filter and produce ruine
  10. purpose of ureters
    drain each renal pelvis
  11. urinarry bladder
    muscular sac that temp. holds urine
  12. urethra
    carries urine outo f the body, connected to urinary bladder
  13. genital papilla
    urogenital papilla in females
  14. uregenital sinus
    place where urethra empites out. leads to vagina
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