Circulatory System

  1. Interstitial Fluid
    Fluid that surrounds the cells
  2. arteries, arterioles, cappliaries function
    carry blood away from heart
  3. carry blood to heart
    veins, venoules
  4. Pulmonary Circulation
    system of blood pumping to the lungs
  5. systemic ciruclation
    pumping blood to rest of body
  6. Blood Flows from
    • Vena Cava ==> right atrium - tricuspid valve - right ventricle- pulminary semilunar valve -aortic trunk- pulmonary artery - lungs
    • Pulmonary Vein- left atrium- bicuspid valve- left ventricle - aortic semilunar valve - aortic arch- aorta
  7. coronary arteries
    branches off the aorta that supply blood to the heart
  8. Lymphatic System
    drains flueid from interstitial spaces and brings it to systemic system
  9. brachiocephalic veins
    first splits of vena cava
  10. Parts of Brachiocephalic Veins
    Subclavian and bracial veins
  11. subclavian vein drains blood from
    chest and forelegs
  12. brachial vein location and function
    drain blood from neck, bifurcates up to form jugular veins
  13. Carotid Arteries, location and function
    run along jugular veins closer to the trachea

    converge to form brachiocephalic arteries
  14. bracial arterie
    first large vessel to branch aortic arch
  15. Coronary arteries
    brach out before aortic arch to supply blood to the heart
  16. Subclavian Artery
    braches off brachiocephalic artery to supply right throax, neck and forelimbs
  17. Left Subclavain Artery
    Second Large vessel to come off aorta that suppliees left throrax, neck and forelimbs
  18. Pulmonary Trunk
    comes off right ventricle, lead sto pulmonary artery
  19. celiac trunk, location and purpose
    first artery to branchoff aorta in the abdomen
  20. anterior messenteric artery
    provide blood to small and part of large intestine
  21. post messenteric artery
    provides blood to remainder of large intestine
  22. adrenolumbar arteries
    brannch of the fourth vessel and supplies abdominal cucles and adrenal glands.
  23. Renal Arteries
    Supply kidneys with a pair of ateral branches of aorta
  24. Aorta Terminates to Form
    3 vessles, 2 iliac arteries and sacral artery
  25. Iliac arteries provide blood to
    hind limbs
  26. Sacral artery
    provides blood to tail
  27. femoral arteries
    branches in legs of ilaic arteries
  28. Terminus of Aorta forms
    2 umbilical arteries
  29. hepatic portal system
    convention trhoguh which bllod returns to vena cava
  30. gastrosphalic vein
    route through which messenteric arteries empty into hepatic portal system
  31. hepatocytes
    liver cells
  32. hepatic vein
    empties into post. vena cava
  33. umbilical vein
    carries oxygenated blood to fetus from placenta
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