Chapter 26 Jeporady/ Glided Age Jeporady

  1. What was mined out of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1859?
  2. Union that allowed only skilled workers to join
    American Federation of Labor
  3. Negative name for wealthy industrialists during the 19th Century
    Robber barrons
  4. Riot between workers and police in Chicago, bomb was thrown
    Haymarket Square Riot
  5. Government takes a hands off approach to business
  6. Legislation passed by Congress that prevented special rates on railroads and required rates to be posted
    Interstate Commerce Act
  7. Founder of Tuskegee Institute, vocational education to make money, whites see you as equals
    Booker T. Washington
  8. Those who believed that a person’s wealth and success was dependent upon how hard they worked
    Social Darwinists
  9. A person has the right to make as much money as possible, but should then give much of it away
    Gospel of Wealth
  10. Womens group that sought to eliminate alcohol
    Women's Christian Temperance Union
  11. Cross of Gold speech
    William Jennings Bryan
  12. His writings and political cartoons exposed "Boss" Tweed
    Thomas Nast
  13. Leader of the Stalwarts
    Roscoe Conkling
  14. President responsible for patronage reform after Garfield’s death
    Chester A. Arthur
  15. Was awarded the presidency as a result of the Compromise of 1877
    Rutherford B. Hayes
  16. Time marked by governmental corruption, horrible working conditions, mass immigration, and wealthy industrialists
    The Glided Age
  17. Creed that stated the South should industrialize, led by Henry Grady
    "New South"
  18. First Billion dollar corporation
    U.S Steel Company
  19. Bankers’ banker, loaned Cleveland and US government gold
    J.P Morgan
  20. Sensational journalism used to attract readers and expose corruption
  21. Jobs for votes
    political machines, political bossism
  22. Seperate but equal
    Plessy v. Ferguson
  23. When the govenment stopped mining silver
    Crime of 73
  24. Founder of the Grange (patrons of husbandry
    Oliver Kelly
  25. Dominating competition by controlling all phases of an industry
    vertical integration
  26. Author who was interested in women’s psychology and used women as central character
    Henry James
  27. What is the term for a miner panning for gold in a creek bed?
    placer mining
  28. When the mine busted, what was most likely to happen to the boom town that had grown up around the mine?
    ghost towns
  29. What was necessary to carry on a big mining operation like sinking a shaft mine?
    Mining companies or corporations
  30. Why was mining important in opening the west?
    to eventually create permanent towns
  31. What was it called when cowboys walked the cows from the open range in Texas to meet the transcontinental railroad?
    The Long Drive
  32. Who created the long drive and saw in it economic potential?
    Joseph McCoy
  33. What was the inspiration for the American cowboy?
    Spanish/Mexican vaquero
  34. What made the post Civil War cattle industry possible in the first place?
    the transcontinental railroad
  35. What ended the open range cattle industry?
    Droughts/ Blizzards in the terrible winter of 1887-1888
  36. Who invented barbed wire?
    Joseph Glidden
  37. What did John Deere invent that allowed farmers on the plains to cut through thick prairie sod?
    the steel plow
  38. Why did plains newcomers build homes out of sod?
    lack of trees for wood
  39. What was the farming method called in which plows cut deeply into the soil to bring up moist earth to give crops water?
    dry farming
  40. In the 1880’s, what was the problem that ended the big bonanza farms?
  41. Who were the major members of the Populist Party?
  42. What was the issue of the election of 1896?
  43. The free coinage of silver to inflate the money supply and bring the farmer relief
  44. Who was the 1896 Populist candidate for President?
    William Jennings Bryan
  45. What was the "Crime of ’73?"
  46. Silver was dropped from the Federal coinage list (silver would not be coined!)
  47. List 5 parts of the Populist platform.
  48. Government control of utilities, an income tax, the secret ballot, the free and unlimited coinage of silver, direct elections of Senators, government-sponsored savings banks
  49. What was the official name of the Grange?
    The Patronges of Husbandry
  50. What farmer’s organization replaced the Grange?
    The Alliances
  51. He and his followers marched on Washington, DC to ask Congress for a jobs stimulus program.
    Jacob Coxey
  52. What law allowed western settlers acreage in exchange for living on it and farming it?
    The Homestead Act of 1862
  53. In competition with world grain producers, what was a major problem faced by settlers on the Great Plains in the 1870’s?
    the low market value of grain
  54. He published his frontier thesis in 1893, three years after the Federal Census Office issued its report on the closing of the frontier.
    Frederick Jackson Turner - "The Turner Thesis"
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