1. Deposit record
    Record of deposit given to customer by bank.
  2. Bankbook
    Record of deposits, withdrawls, and interest earned.
  3. Bank statement
    A record sent to customer all bankin activity for a set or perioid or time
  4. Agent
    A person authorized to act for another
  5. Cashiers check
    Purchasers pays full amount of check issued by bank.
  6. Check register
    Check stub, record showing the check number
  7. Certified check
    Bank stamps customers own check and holds funds aside to cover check
  8. Debit
    An entry of an amount owed that has been charged to the account
  9. Deposit
    Money being placed in bank account
  10. Deposit slip
    An itemized list of cash and checks deposited
  11. Currency
    Paper money issued by government
  12. Endorsement
    Payees signature on back of check
  13. Endorser, payee
    • Same as payee on check
    • Same as payee, person to whom check is written
  14. Limited check
    Check that will be void if written over designated amount or kept beyound time limit.
  15. Maker
    Individual who signs check
  16. Posdated check
    Check made out for a future date
  17. Payer
    Person who signs check
  18. Five pieces of information a bank requires to stop payment on a check...
    • Check #
    • Date issued
    • Amount of check
    • Name of payee
    • Reason for stopping payment
  19. What reasons may payment be stopped?
    • Lost check
    • Disaggreement regarding product or service
  20. What should you do with a postdated check?
    Deposit the check on the date for which they are made out.
  21. Electronic fund transfer
    Method of creditting or debiting accounts by computer w/ out checks or deposit slips
  22. Where is the ABA number printed on a check ?
    Upper right corner
  23. The record of checks written is known as ...
    Check register
  24. Which person signs a check ?
  25. When a check is returned because there was not enough money ...
    Insufficient funds
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