the work of the sea

  1. ways in which waves erode
    • comression
    • attrition
    • abrasion
    • hydraulic action
  2. how are waves formed
    the wind blows across the surface of the water
  3. features formed by sea erosion
    • sea cliff
    • bay
    • headland
    • sea cave
    • sea arch
    • sea stack
    • blow hole
  4. what is compression
    Air trapped by the waves causes the rock to shatter
  5. what is hydraulic action
    the force of the water bashing against
  6. what is attrition
    Is when rocks and stones hit and rub off eachother and create sand and pebbles
  7. what is abrasion
    Is when rocks and stones carried by the sea crash against the coast
  8. what is a sea cliff
    • sea cliffs are formed by hydraulic action. As the waves pound against the coast a cut is formed.As the cut gets the overhanging rock becomes unstable and collapses to form a cliff
    • E.g
    • The Cliffs of Moher,Co.Clare
  9. what is a bay
    • a bay is a wide curved opening into the coast. It is formed where areas of hard rock and soft rock lie side by side.The soft rock erodes faster to form a bay shape.Sandy beaches are often found on the inside of bays.
    • E.G
    • Donegal bay
  10. what is a head land
    A headland is formed in the same way as a bay only that it is hard, resistant rock that is left behind that makes up a headland . Its a piece of land that juts further out into the sea than the land around is a headland
  11. what is a sea cave
    Its a long tunnel shape on a sea cliff. It gets lower and narrower the further into the cave it goes. Waves find a weak spot at the base of the cliff and gradually erodes it until a cave is formed
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