quadrants and regions

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  1. Quadrants
  2. abdominal surface divided regions/right and left upper quadrant and right and left lower quadrant
  3. Regions
    9 regions another way of dividing the abdominal surface
  4. Umbilical Region
    centermost region that includes the umbilicus
  5. Epigastric Region
    Superior to the umbilical region and covers most of the stomach
  6. Hypogastric Region
    inferior to the umbilical region and covers the pubic area
  7. Iliac Region (Inguinal)
    Lateral to the Hypogastric region, overlies the superior hip bones
  8. Lumbar Regions
    between the ribs and the flering portions of the hip bones; lateral to the umbilical region
  9. Hypochondriac Region
    Flanking epigastric regions and overlying the lower ribs
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