Lecture one exam: first powerpoint

  1. 7 characteristics of life
    - Living things are organized structures made up of cells

    -living things grow using materials from their environment

    -living things maintain their own internal environment or homeostasis

    -living things obtain and use energy or metabolism

    -living things pass their "living" information to their offspring or hereditary

    -living things change over time or evolve

    -living things respond to stimuli
  2. What is a virus?
    • - Viruses are not cells, not living organisms
    • Cannot metabolize independently
    • dependent on host cells to replicate

    - composed of nuclei acid enclosed in a protein coat
  3. 3 groups biology is organized into...
    Bacteria, Archae, and Eukarya
  4. Domain order
    Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > species
  5. 6 kingdoms





  6. Scientific method steps
    1. Observations

    2. Question

    3. Hypothesis

    4. Prediction

    5. Test
  7. 2 types of Hypothesis
    Broad and Working
  8. Broad hypothesis
    created to explain a natural phenomena
  9. Working hypothesis
    created to describe an investigation

    ex) If..cause...then...effect
  10. Control group
    closely matches with experimental group

    -does not have the independent variable
  11. Experimental group
    has the independent variable

    -is the group being experimented on.
  12. Independent variable
    factor being varied

  13. Dependent variable
    variable being measured

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Lecture one exam: first powerpoint
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