Fitness - Unit 2

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  1. What AFI governs the guidelines for juice bars?
    AFI 34-272, Air Force Club Program
  2. What funds are used to initiate your deployed operation to assist in your resale operations after initial beddown?
    NAF start-up funds
  3. What should be considered when starting a NAF resale?
    You should consider the remoteness, availablity of shipping or other transportation, the type of location (ex: bare base, austere bare base, combination bare base and existing infrastructure) and the number of personnel initially served, including any other branches of the Armed Forces that are to be serviced when starting a NAF resale operation
  4. What training should be completed during pre-deployment to allow you to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly accounting and safeguarding of NAF assets even during initial beddown?
    Just-in-time training
  5. What agency assists with banking support and services in a deployed environment?
    Normally deployed finance
  6. How do personnel operating resale functions record sales and services when there is no NAF cash register available?
    Manually account for transactions using an AF Form 2555, NAF Cash Collection Record
  7. What is the Dram Shop theory?
    A theory of legal liability under which servers of alcoholic beverages (facility owners, operators, or employees) can be held liable for damages when they continue to serve alcoholic beverages to a customer who reaches or appears to be nearing the point of intoxication and the customer then brings harm to property, the customer, or others.
  8. Who is responsible for writing and publishing Dram Shop operating instructions?
    Flight Chiefs
  9. Who should you coordinate with to prevent an overlap of Services and chaplain programs?
    The site chaplain
  10. What types of programs are revenue generating NAF reinvested into?
    MWR type programs
  11. What dictates the amount of equipment to support various populations?
    Usage and AF Standards
  12. What should initial consideration be given to a set up location?
    Consideration should be given to setting up a large morale shelter (which includes equipement check out, resale operations, and morale phones and computers).
  13. What should managers remember to give their volunteers?
    Rewards through recognition programs in the AOR
  14. When marketing and advertising what must be considered?
    All avenues
  15. Why are AARs vital?
    They identify trends and solutions which allow us to develop our future needs when it comes to writing new guidance, purchasing new equipment, UTC composition, and training.
  16. What type of recreation programming is allowed when deployed in a hostile environment?
    None. Intense labor conditions do not allow for fitness activities.
  17. What are self directed programs?
    Self-directed activities allow customers to use facilites and equipment provided by the activity without the assistance of fitness and recreational staff.
  18. How are distinguished visitor appearances and entertainment scheduled?
    Through the Armed Forces Entertainment program (AFE), the United Service Organizations (USO), or a combination.
  19. What determines whether the logistics of putting on a show is difficult or easy?
    The amount of people, supplies and equipment needed in the show.
  20. What should you do to obtain a library kit and to ensure you have the latest possible releases?
    Contact your command librarian or designated support command librarian, and stay in touch with the MAJCOM librarian.
  21. What is the make up of force module RFLRC that provides education, library & family support services, at bare bases?
    4-person team (one 3S271, Education Supervisor; one 3S251, Education Specialist; one 3M051, Services Specialist; and one 3A051, Work Group Manager)
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