1. 208-30
    What must a guarding UMOS of a hospitalized prisoner notify BCS when issued a DAT?
    • DAT#
    • Return Date
    • Court returnable to
  2. 208-40
    Who makes Activity Log entries for requests for attorney and/or refusal regarding DWI Arrests?
    IDTU Tech
  3. 208
    What must A/O do when they discover a prisoner is a child care worker?
    • 1) Complete form
    • 2)Original to NYC, DOI next Dept Mail
    • 3) Attach copy to file copy OLBS
  4. 208
    Who does global name check of all victims and offenders for All Domestic Vioence arrests?
  5. 208-71
    When does DO send an RMP with a bail enforcement agent?
    If requested and perp is in occupied building
  6. 208-69
    When do we notify operations regarding arrests and Social Security cards or food stamps?
    • SS card:
    • Multiple
    • Blank
    • Different Names
    • Different #'s
    • or
    • possess over $500 in food stamps
  7. 208
    If a Pistol Licensee is arrest where is it forwarded to with report?
    CO License Division
  8. 208-40
    Who signs and brings "refusal" form for DWI to ADA when defendant 21 and over?
  9. 208 IO 17s03
    When does A/O call HRA's Bureau of Client Fraud and NYS office of welfare Insp General?
    • 1)perp arrested for "income generating offense" AND
    • Social Recipient ID card
    • Different sets of ID
    • Food Stamps
    • 2) Any offense and 2 Social Security cards or Social Security recipient card and >$500 USC or ID employment
  10. 208-05
    If an A/O's supervisor from an outside command and DO are in disagreement concerning a strip search who can the A/O's supervisor confer with?
    CO/Duty Capt
  11. 208 How often does ICO print, review voided DIR's?
  12. 208-06
    When must leg restraints be used when transporting a prisoner?
    • 1) when prisoner refuse fingerprint
    • 2)All prisoners transported to hospital for medical treatment
    • 3) Escape risk
  13. 208
    If a ambulance is not readily available at the scene of an incident at which prisoner is deranged, erratic, drug OD etc. What should the PO do?
    • Request P/S
    • (They determine if Dept. vehicle should be used for transport to hospital)
  14. 208-11
    How often should livescan be recalibrated?
    1x per tour (Busy commands more frequently)
  15. 208-09
    Who must be notified by MOS receiving call from attorney for first time?
    • Notify Communications Section
    • (Make telephone record entry)
  16. 208-06
    What is the total number of prisoners allowed to be transported in a 12 passenger van?
  17. 208-06
    When must leg restraints be used transporting a single prisoner?
    • 1)prisoner refusing prints
    • 2)All prisoners being transported to hospital for medical treatment
    • 3)Escape Risk
  18. 208 If DO determines leg restraints are not needed for prisoner being transported to hospital for treatment, what must be done?
    CL entry
  19. 208-34
    Who does the ICO forward the copies of a bribery arrest report?
    • 1-Chief of Dept
    • 2-Chief of IAB
    • 3CO Employee Relations
    • 4-Chief of Dept thru Channels
    • 5-CO of AO
    • 6-File
  20. 208-08
    Where are print cards and Polaroids of non J/O juveniles sent to?
    ID section, youth records
  21. 208-3
    If notifications are not able to be made for prisoners under 19 yr olds or admitted to hospital or EDP who should be notified and what should be prepared?
    • Notify pct Det. Squad and Missing Persons Squad
    • Prepare missing/unidentified report
  22. 208-03
    If a rifle/shotgun permit is removed from a prisoner where is it forwarded?
    License Division, Firearms Control Section
  23. 208-03
    Who does a UMOS get authorization from to not use handcuffs for prisoners accompanied by an attorney and surrendered at a law enforcement facility?
    immediate supervisor
  24. 208
    When should DO call BCS after being printed for DAT?
    4 hrs
  25. 208
    What are the 3 reasons for disqualification of a DAT for unlawful possession of marijuana(V)?
    • 1. No ID/Address
    • 2.Inaccurate ID/Address
    • 3.Deft. does not live in NYS
  26. 208
    What must be the amount for bail for a disqualified DAT for unlawful possession of marijuana (V)?
    must be for $100
  27. 208-44/45
    When does A/O notify boro vice for loitering for pros and pros?
    if Deft: <18, claimed forced to work as a pros, claimed transported across state line
  28. 208-03
    Who verifies the validity of an off duty arrest by a UMOS?
    CO Duty Capt
  29. 208-34
    Where does CO forward 3 copies of report describing facts of Bribery arrest to if CO believes subordinate member of his command has participated in an act reflecting high integrity?
    Integrity Review board through Personnel Bureau
  30. 208-35 Who does DO notify for attempted Bribery of a UMOS?
    • IAB (be guided by their recommendation)
    • &
    • Bureau/Boro investigations (to request necessary assistance)
  31. 208-26 How many days are allowed for commencing forfeiture proceedings once a proper demand is made at the property clerk office?
    10 working days
  32. 208-24
    What is considered a reasonable time to conduct a show-up at a crime scene?
    1 hour
  33. 208-21
    When does Central Warrant Unit conduct warrant checks for prisoners being issued a DAT?
    If LAN is inoperative @ command and Patrol Borough, and adjoining precinct for more than 20 minutes
  34. 208 IO19s05
    Where are routine questions regarding livescan go to? Technical questions?
    • Routine:Borough Court Section 24x7 or CJB
    • Technical Asst: MISD
  35. 208-40 When should a request for controlled substance be made for Intox.Impaired Driver arrest?
    When test is .05 of 1% and prisoner still appears intox
  36. 208-53
    When is vehicle vouchered regarding an Aggravated Unlicensed Op 1st and 2nd degree arrest?
    • 1) Operator is registered owner
    • 2)Vehicle is not properly registered
    • 3)Driver has no insurance
    • 4) The owner of the vehicle, other than the prisoner is not present
  37. 208-53
    How long does vehicle for Agg Unlicensed Op 1st Deg arrest stay at station house for safekeeping?
    It goes straight to property clerk for forfeiture proceedings
  38. IO48s11
    What is entered if the citizenship/status of a prisoner is in doubt?
    "Suspected foreign national" under narrative of OLBS
  39. 208-59
    Who does UMOS notify if they arrest a parole absconder solely on the authority of a parole warrant?
    • 1)Warrant section telephone Inquiry Unit (for obtaining a copy)
    • 2)Parole absconder Search Unit
  40. 208-65
    When does DO contact ID section, Youth Records Unit to obtain prior police info so that no youth is arrested for a felony is released while awaiting trials?
    When youth 14-18 is arrested for Robbery 1 or 2 or a Violent Felony
  41. 208-67 How long does CO have to ensure report of "Decline Prosecution" from ADA is forwarded to Boro court section?
    Within 10 business days of receiving ADA's request
  42. 208-69
    When does DO notify Intell regarding an arrest?
    • 1)Criminal Anarchy or prisoner possesses anarchistic literature
    • 2)UN employee
    • 3)Youth gang is involved
  43. 208-69
    Where does DO notify for arrest of a foreign national?
    Borough Court Section Supervisor
  44. 208-69
    Where does DO notify for arrest of foreign soldiers or D.O.D. employees (felony moral or perversion charges only)?
    Provost Marshal, Fort Hamilton
  45. IO53s07
    Where does Arresting Officer obtain a H/B "Trespass Notice" log #?
    HB Wheel
  46. IO53s01
    When is a prisoner eligible for Housing Authority Trespass notice program?
    16 or older, Felony Arrest of sale of controlled substance/marijuana on development
  47. IO19s05 When can livescan prints be over rid?
    Only after 4 attempts
  48. 208-03
    When should the DO request the Borough Court Section to provide transportation for prisoners?
    Only when large numbers of prisoners MUST be transported or unusual circumstances dictate the use of a patrol wagon
  49. 208-27
    What are the E Felonies that hospitalized prisoners cannot be issued DAT for?

    • OGA 1
    • Bail jumping 2
    • Escape 2
    • Abscond Temp Release
    • Rape 3
    • Sodomy 3 (aka Criminal Sexual Act 3)
  50. 208-42
    Where are male prisoners arrest on a Supreme Court Warrant in SI lodged?
    Brooklyn Correctional Facility
  51. 208
    Where does the 2 sets of pictures taken for DV go?
    • 1st set vouchered
    • 2nd set with DIR or Arrest package depending on complaint or arrest
  52. IO37s05
    When must you tell communications info about perp ingesting drugs?
    • 1) Upon observing ingestion of drugs
    • 2)Transport to hospital initiated
    • 3)When 84 at hospital
  53. 208
    Where are defendant taken when the following courts are closed and warrant is from the court?
    a) Family Court
    b) Criminal Court
    c) Supreme Court
    • a)Fam-Boro of Arrest
    • b)Crim-Boro of Issuance
    • c) Supreme- Corrections Boro of Issuance
    • (Fem-Rikers, Male Adolescence-Rikers)
  54. 208-42 IO15s11
    If a Juvenile is AWOL from a residential facility outside NYC and is apprehended on a Office of Children and Family Services Warrant where are they taken? in NYC?
    • Outside NYC: Horizon Juvenile Center
    • Inside NYC: Back too Residential Facility
  55. 208
    When do we request assistance of Detective Squad for an arrest?
    • Burglary
    • Unusual Crime
    • Robbery
    • Grand Larceny
    • Homicide
    • Assault-Serious
    • Serious Crime
  56. 208-41
    Who makes "refusal" form for DWI arrest of Defendant <21?
  57. 208
    When transporting 3 prisoners in a 12 passenger van, where do the prisoners sit and where does the recorder sit?
    • recorder rides on 1st bench
    • 2 prisoners on 2nd bench
  58. 208-04
    Who determines the validity of an arrest?
    Desk Officer
  59. 208-03
    For what arrests must a UMOS perform a license check through FINEST using DALL on defendants?
    • a) Driving a stolen vehicle
    • or
    • b) Driving an auto with an altered VIN
    • or
    • c)possession of stolen plates
  60. 208-04
    If an UNMOS believes that an arrest effected by a civilian member of the Traffic Control Division is unwarranted who should be requested to the scene?
    Patrol Supervisor
  61. 208-34
    Who does the A/O of Bribery arrest confer with prior to pre arraignment?
    ICO and Immediate Supervisor
  62. 208-12
    Who notify's MISD that livescan is down?
    Arresting/Assigned officer
  63. 208
    After final disposition for a bribery arrest who must the A/O or C/O send report to?
    • PC
    • Chief of Department
    • Chief of IAB
  64. 208-03
    When must the "DAT Investigation" form be delivered to the ADA?
    Every Misd and Violation
  65. 208-45
    Who seals slot machines gambling arrest?
    Arresting Officer
  66. 208-32
    Where does DO put a civilian complainant telephone # on DAT index?
    Under "Command/Agency"
  67. 208-03
    If a "Press Card" is present on a prisoner where is the card forwarded to?
  68. 208-31
    Who assists Arresting Officer from another agency voucher property for a DAT arrest?
    Command Clerk
  69. 208-31
    If Arresting Officer from another agency is not trained to take prints for a DAT defendant what does DO do?
    Arresting Officer from other agency and prisoner report to BCS
  70. 208-03
    What is filed with medical treatment form if prisoner is given a DAT?
    Buff copy maintained at desk of precinct of arrest and remaining copies of the form to the Borough Court Section concerned in DAT arrest package
  71. 208-42
    For bench warrant arrests who signs a "Warrant inv. report"?
  72. 208-52
    If a Defendant violated a Traffic Regulation within NYC and NYS VTL, what should be charged?
    NYC Traffic Regs
  73. 208-18,19
    What must precinct DO fax to Housing PSA and Transit District if precinct UMOS makes a housing or TD collar?
    • Housing: UF 61
    • Transit : OLBS
  74. 208-40
    How long does Highway have to send DMV the "refusal" form or notice of hearing for defendant <21?
    • Notice of hearing: 24 hrs
    • refusal: 48 hrs
  75. 208
    When an MOS commits a DV offense where does DO pct of occurrence send a 49 to?
    • Chief of IAB
    • CO Med Div
    • CO EMD (fax immediately)
    • 2 Pct CO's (occ and MOS cmd)
    • 2 Inspections CO's (Occ and MOS Cmd)
    • if guns removed:Personnel Orders Section
  76. 208
    After arraignment for a bribery arrest what must the ICO obtain from Borough Court Section?
    • 4D's Date
    • Docket
    • DA's Name
    • Disposition

    • Judge Name
    • Grand Jury Date
    • Charges
  77. 208-34
    If Legal Bureau is closed who do you call to arrange consultation with a Department Attorny in regards to a Bribery arrest?
  78. 208
    When does DO ensure the reason for charge is in the OLBS narrative?
    • Crim Poss of Control Substance
    • with intent to sell or Criminal Sale of Control Substance
  79. 208
    Who does the ICO forward remaining copies of the 49 for bribery to?
    • Chief of Dept x2(direct and thru channel)
    • Chief of IAB
    • CO Employee Relations
    • CO of A/O
    • File
  80. 208-42
    Who determines where a PINS defendant will be detained at?
    Emergency Children Service of the HR Administration
  81. 208
    How long does Legal Bureau have to institute forfeiture procedures once a demand is made for return of property?
    10 working days
  82. 208-34
    Where does the Plt Commander mail and fax 49 to for Bribery Arrests?
    • Mail original to Chief of Dept
    • Fax copy to IAB
  83. 208-01
    In regards to "close pursuits" when is it ok to pursue outside the state to effect an arrest?
    may pursue for crimes out of state
  84. 208-69
    What city agency do we call direct when their employee is arrested?
  85. 208-34
    Who in the command must the DO notify when there is a bribary arrest?
    Platoon Commander
  86. 210/208
    Who does warrant checks for declines prosecution and hospitalized declined prosecution defendants?
    • DP: A/O
    • Hosp & DP: DO
  87. 208-64
    If a warrant check shows the letter "X" who must A/O notify?
    OCCB's Field Ops Desk
  88. 208-36
    What additional steps must an MOS take to verify an Order of Protection's existence?
    • 1st Check statewide registry
    • or
    • Check NCIC Order of protection file
  89. 208-37
    If an MOS is arrested for DV incident who notifies the CO/Duty Captain?
  90. 208-37
    When does the Patrol Supervisor notify the Capt for a MOS involved in a DV incident?
    • If MOS is
    • 1) Victim or
    • 2)Cross Complaints or
    • 3)Doubt about status of MOS (Compl or vict?)
  91. 208-36
    When must a UMOS seize any firearms when they are present and the UMOS responded to a DV incident?
    • 1) Lic. holder is arrested
    • 2)OOP against license holder
    • 3)Threat or use of physical force
  92. 208-42
    If arrested on a family Court warrant where is prisoner arraigned?
    • Family Court that issued warrant
    • When not in session arraign in borough of arrest weekend/night court
  93. 208-41
    If a DWI defendant tries to run or fight while being stopped, what is the charge?
  94. 208-44
    Who gives "Notice" to detainee when operator takes test or refuses test?
    • Takes test: Highway
    • refuses test: UMOS
  95. 208-42
    For arrest warrant and Bench Warrant what reports are prepared for an arrest?
    • Arrest Warrant: OLBS
    • Bench Warrant: Supplement
  96. 208-53
    Where is a "C" Summons prepared for Agg Unlic. Op. 3 & 2 in addition to OLBS?
    • Brooklyn and Staten Island : prepare
    • (Bx, Manhattan Queens:Do not prepare)
  97. 208-02
    Where is there a list of locations approved for the interrogation of juveniles maintained?
    Command ref. library
  98. 208-37
    Who must the DO of precinct of occurrence of a MOS involved DV incident (when MOS=perp) forward a 49, complaint report and DIR to?
    • 1. Chief of IAB
    • 2.CO member involved
    • 3. CO pct of Occ
    • 4. CO Borough investigations
    • 5. CO Medical Division
    • 6. CO EMD (immediately fax)
    • 7. If firearms removed: Personnel Orders Section
  99. 208-36
    If an Order of Protection cannot be produced how can you verify one exists in NYS?
    • 1st Call Central Records ID Section
    • 2nd Call precinct of occurrence to conduct Order of Protection inquiry
    • 3rd Communications dispatcher conducts inquiry
  100. 208-7
    What are the photographable Misd?
    • (3,4,6)
    • 3 Weapons: CPW 4, Manufacture Transport etc, Prohibit Use
    • 4 Pros:Promote, Patronize, Pros, Loitering for Pros (Pimp)
    • 6: Jostling, Crim. Impersonation, Fraudulent Accosting, Sex Abuse 2, Trademark Counterfeit 3, Graffiti
  101. 208-03
    When do we forward a report of facts to License Division firearm control with permit for Rifle/Shotgun?
    Felony Arrest of permit holder
  102. 208-03
    If an auxiliary police shield, civil defense shield/ID Card is removed from a prisoner where is it forwarded to?
    Aux Police Section
  103. 208-14
    When a UMOS effects an arrest outside NYC that members CO will have a entry made concerning notification of the incident from Operations. Who makes the entry? Where?
    DO, Telephone Record
  104. 208-14
    When a UMOS effects an arrests an arrest outside NYC what must the members CO do?
    • 1)Prepare detailed report of incident for Chief of Dept
    • 2)Notify IAB if investigation, other than in relation to sickness or injury is required
    • 3)Forward 49 with A/O's report attached to Chief of Dept Direct (2x's), Chief of Personnel, Each Intermediate Command, File
  105. 208-27 A DAT maybe issued to an eligible hospitalized prisoner who is charged with ha Class "E" Felony except for which?
    • OBEAR+ Crim Sex Act
    • OGA 1
    • Bail Jumping 2
    • Escape 2
    • Absconding from temp release 1 & community treatment facility
    • Rape 3
    • Crim Sexual Act 3
  106. Regarding bribery arrests, CO member of concerned will prepare a consolidated report upon receipt of final disposition and include complete history of case and court appearances for?
    • 1)PC
    • 2)Chief of Department
    • 3)Chief of IAB
  107. 208-34
    When an ADA refuses to charge Bribery in the complaint what should the A/O do?
    Notify the Pct CO/Duty Capt
  108. 208-37
    When an MOS is a victim of domestic violence who notifies the CO/ Duty Capt?
    Patrol Supervisor
  109. 208-37 When an MOS is involved in a DV incident who apprises the parties of the availability of counseling?
    Patrol Supervisor
  110. 208-37
    If an MOS is alleged to have committed an offense involving a DV incident who does the DO notify?
    • 1) Notify and confer with Pct commander/Duty Capt
    • 2)Notify IAB and obtain log # (Enter log # in details of DIR and 61)
  111. 208-37
    Who prepares and forwards 49 of DV incident when MOS committed the offense?
    DO with copy of 61 and DIR
  112. 208-37 When an MOS becomes aware that they are the respondent to an OOP, the member must immediately notify their CO/Supv Head. After the CO Supv Head conducts an interview to see if they are fit for duty, who does the CO/Supv Head then notify?
    IAB and obtain log #
  113. IO 17 2008 If the victim of Family Offenses/Domestic Violence is not willing where will the UMOS document?
    UMOS will note refused in Activity Log and request C/V to sign entry
  114. IO 17 2008
    If during DO inspection of DV camera/related Equipment are found to be inoperable who will immediately notified?
    Domestic Violence Unit M-F 0600-1800
  115. IO 17 208-39
    When PS takes DV camera for Patrol or returns it from Partrol who makes Command Log entry?
    The Patrol Supervisor
  116. 208-40
    Who requests the Communication Section to dispatch Highway to testing location? What info do they give?
    A/O Time of arrest
  117. 208-40
    What info goes in the narrative section of the OLBS worksheet?
    Make, model, year, color, plate # or temp plate, State of registration
  118. 208-03Who follows up on an arrest of youths <16 yrs old?
    Precinct youth officer
  119. 208-09
    When a perp is interviewed by their attorney, where is it conducted and for how long? Who permits it?
    Muster Room for a reasonable time, DO permits
  120. 208-0 What details of perp/attorney interview are documented? Where is the info entered?
    • 1) Name, address, and phone # of attorney and ID of person who retained them
    • 2) If interview was conducted
    • 3)Time of attorney's arrival and departure
  121. 208-03
    If a prisoner is issued a DAT and a medical treatment of prisoner form has been filled out where is the "Buff" copy filed?
    In a folder maintained at the desk pct of arrest/designated arrest facility
  122. 208-03
    Where are the details of a notification made (name, address, relationship) when a prisoner is of unsound mind, <19, or is admitted to a hospital?
    Command Log
  123. 208-05
    Where is info concerning release of prisoner to member of Highway District to conduct required tests documented?
    Command Log
  124. 208-37
    When a MOS has committed an offense the DO notifies the CO/Duty Capt, IAB and gets log # they then enter IAB log # in details of 61 and DIR. Where is the AIB log # entered in the DIR Log?
    Under caption "Pct Serial #"
  125. 208-37
    Who prepares the 49 in DV cases when the MOS is the perp?
    The DO (7 copies, 8 if guns removed)
  126. 208-37
    When the A/O completes the affidavit in a bribery arrest who do they notify and what info do they give them?
    Notify DO/Supervisor and give them ADA's Name, Charge entered on complaint
  127. 208-40 When does P/S read the "chemical testing statement" where is prisoners response noted?
    When DWI and SPI or DOA, record in Activity Log
  128. 208-40
    When does P/S request DO to notify if DWI arrest and SPI/DOA?
    1)Operations and request notification to DA's office
  129. 208-40
    What does DO put in Command Log Entry regarding DWI arrest?
    A/O's post change and RMP used to transport susp to testing site
  130. 208-40 Who delivers samples in DWI arrest to Police Lab?
  131. 208-41
    If under 21 and DWI when can they be released with the "Notice of hearing"?
    .02 to .05 or if they refuse the test
  132. 208-41 Who notify's ADA if DWI prisoner had previous arrest for same crime in past 10 years?
  133. 208-41 In regards to DWI arrest <21 and UMOS obtains where alcohol was obtained who do they notify?
  134. 208-27
    Where does DO notify to determine if conviction of previous crime will raise current charge to a Felony?
    ID Section
  135. 208-27 When can ineligible perps for DAT not be offered bail?
    If they owe DNA
  136. 208-27 In what order does 1st platoon DO prepare DAT index with DAT's issued in the last 24 hrs?
    DAT # order (and sign)
  137. 208-27
    What does DO 1st platoon put in left margin on DAT index that were issued by outside command and are not in his possession?
  138. 208-28 What are the 5 ID standards for DAT?
  139. 208-36
    If UMOS cannot determine an "Intimate relationship" who is requested to scene?
    Patrol Supervisor
  140. 208-36 When can a DV arrest have concurrent Jurisdiction?
    A Family Offense committed by family member defined by Family Court Act and perp is 16 years or older
  141. 208-36 Where does DV # go on DIR?
    On bottom of victims right (pink) copy attached to page 2
  142. 208-36 When must any guns in residence/other location be seized re: a DV incident?
    1) OOP exists against holder, 2) Physical force or the threat of involved, 3) Licence holder arrested regardless of charge, and 4)UMOS believes their presence creates imminent risk of PI
  143. 208-36 Where does Detective Squad forward Icard info regarding DV open cases before EOT?
    Domestic Violence Unit and DV unit of pct/PSA of offender's residence
  144. 208-36 Where are instructions for uploading DV pictures located?
    1)Desk 2) Command Library and 3) on intranet
  145. IO32 s. 11 What does Command Clerk input in narrative section of DIR if victim statement is not in English?
    The language its in
  146. 208-70 Who takes complaint for DV walk in?
    DV if available, if not command clerk
  147. 208-02 Where is list of approved locations of interrogation of juveniles maintained?
    Command reference library
  148. 208-02 If prisoner has money vouchered for safekeeping what is entered in the Command Log by DO?
    • 1) Amount retained by prisoner
    • and
    • 2)Property Clerk Invoice #
  149. 208-03 Who ensures that the Cmmand Log page number and and Command where strip search was performed is entered in the Narrative section of the OLBS or Arrest Report Supplement?
    The supervisor authorizing the search
  150. 208-12 Who ensures in arresting command and BCS that adequate supply of materials needed to ink print defendants is readily available?
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