history 3:3

  1. Chandragupta Maurya
    young adventurer who forged 1st indian empire
  2. Megasthenes
    Greek ambassador to Maurya court who wrote reports about Chandragupta
  3. Pataliputra
    Maurya capital
  4. dissent
    ideas that opposed those of the government
  5. Asoka
    • Chandragupta's grandson
    • most honored Maurya emperor
  6. missionaries
    people sent on religious missions
  7. Dravidians
    people of Deccan
  8. golden age
    period of great cultural achivement
  9. Faxian
    Chinese Buddhist monk who reported middle nature of Gupta rule
  10. Nalanda
    site of largest Buddhist monastery university
  11. decimal system
    numbers based on ten digits
  12. Kalidasa
    greatest Gupta poet who wrote Shakuntala
  13. Shakuntala
    Kalidasa's most famous play about man losing memory of orphan wife
  14. joint family
    parents, children, and offspring shared common dwelling
  15. dowry
    payment to bridegroom
  16. status
    social standing or prestige
  17. Shakti
    creative energy that men lacked
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