Industrial Revolution 1

  1. What was the Industrial Revolution?
    Change from producing goods by hand to producing goods by machines
  2. Where did the Industrial Revolution start?
  3. Why did the Industrical Revolution begen there?
    • People who had capital
    • 2 most importent raw materials
    • Large populations of workers
    • Markets for good produced in factories
    • Land had no war damage
  4. Money to invest in new businesses where called?
  5. What were the 2 most important raw materials of the Inductrial Revoultion?
    • Coal
    • Iron ore
  6. Markets for goods produced in factories, its ? provided the needed markets
  7. The farmers were hurt by the enclosed movement of the?
    Fencing in of public paster land
  8. Farms needed fewer workers because of?
    Improvements in the way crops were planted
  9. These farmers moved to? Why?
    • Cities
    • For work
  10. What was one of England's largest industries?
    Textile industry
  11. Cotton was made into thread by spinning it on a?
    Spinning wheel
  12. Thread was made into cloth by weaving it on a?
  13. What invention replaced the ?pinning wheel and made it possible to spin thread rapidly
    Spinning Jenny
  14. Who invented the spinning jenny?
    James Hargreaves
  15. Weaving process was improved by invention of?
    Power- operated weaving loom
  16. What machine was invented for picking seeds out of cotton?
    Cotton Gin
  17. Who invented the cotton gin? (American)
    Eli Whitney
  18. Many early machines were operated by?
    Water power
  19. How did the steam engine operate?
    By using coal
  20. Who invented the modern steam engine?
    James Watt
  21. Who invented an inexpensive way to steel from iron?
    Henry Bessemer
  22. What largly replaced iron?
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