australia 2

  1. How many people live in Australia?
    19 million
  2. What nationality first settled the Barossa Valley wine area?
  3. What was the purple stuff on the traveller’s face?
    Grape station
  4. What is a Coolie?
    Sheep dog
  5. What is a Pommy (as said by Norm)?
    British person- in an insulting way
  6. Temperatures can reach how high at Cooper Pedy?
    120 F
  7. What does Coober Pedy mean in English?
    White fellas hole in the ground
  8. Why do people live underground in Cooper Pedy?
    Its cooler
  9. How much was the traveller charged for one night?
  10. Why is the miner called the Desert Fox?
    Smell opal
  11. Who else was called the Desert Fox?
    Erman Rommal- general who won battles
  12. How much was the opal from the bag worth to the miner?
  13. How many jobs does George have?
    TONY.. (super hot guy) had 4 jobs. Pilot, hotel man, driver, caddy
  14. How long is the world’s longest fence?
    3000 miles
  15. What is a Dingo?
    Wild dog
  16. In what state is Coober Pedy?
    South Australia
  17. In what state is Kalgoorlie?
    Western Australia
  18. What is mined in Kalgoorlie?
  19. What is the Scarlet Mile?
    Stripper/ hooker district
  20. One of Canada’s transcontinental trains is called the Canadian. What is the Trans Australian (E-W) train called?
    Indian Pacific
  21. What does a Koala Bear eat?
  22. While in the helicopter, what did Ian say about the snakes and spiders in Australia?
    Most deadly
  23. While in the helicopter, what did Ian say about a culture?
    Oldest living
  24. What is the capital of the Northern Territory?
  25. Is it easy to sell a car in the market?
  26. What purchase did he pull out of his pocket?
    Boomerang !
  27. What three things must you know about in the sea near Darwin?
    Cant go in it. – 6 months theres jellyfish, for 6 months there crocodiles, and if not any of those then theres sharks
  28. How big is Kakadu Nat Park?
    8,500 miles
  29. What type of snake did they save?
    Black headed python
  30. How does the snake kill?
    Suffocate you until you die
  31. What is the name of the creek Ian swims in?
    jim jim creek
  32. What is the name of the native Australian people?
  33. What is the name of the native musical instrument?
  34. Why do farmers want ‘Roos killed?
    Pests, they eat crops person
  35. We call it a farm or ranch, what is it called in Australia?
  36. What is the original name for Ayer’s Rock?
  37. Does climbing Ayer’s Rock respect the Aboriginal Culture?
  38. What was Broome’s original and most important function
    Pearling port
  39. Ponsey is?
    a showoff, snooty, uppercrust person!
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