Services General-Unit 4

  1. When should a replacement item be programmed into the long-range capital improvement plan?
    When a new piece of equipment is purchased
  2. When does condemnation of an existing item occur?
    When an item cannot be repaired, or when the estimated cost of repair exceeds the maximum repair allowance for the item
  3. What does the cost of a repair to an item include?
    Labor, materials, and expenses
  4. For what need may equipment replacement be based?
    Modernization and upgrade equipment to meet a significant change in operation or mission requirements.
  5. Justification to replace an item must include how replacing the item will promote efficiency in what areas?
    Time, money, manpower, and productivity
  6. What funding source category should be used for fitness centers?
  7. What funding source category should be used for a golf course?
  8. Which project validation assessment (PVA) is required for new construction or maintenance and repair projects, which cost less than $200,000?
    Informal validation memorandum
  9. Which type of funds should be used first within the Air Force Base Capital Improvement Fund?
  10. What award recognizes the individual at HQ USAF/ILV, MAJCOM, or HQ AFSVA who best exemplifies personal leadership, innovation, and ingenuity to improve processess of significant concern to the Services community
    General Michael P.C. Carns Services Award
  11. Who established the General Curtis E. LeMay Award?
    Order of the Daedalians
  12. The General Curtis E. LeMay Award is for bases with a military and civilian workforce of how many?
  13. What Air Force form is used to nominate a base for the General Curtis E. LeMay Award or the General Eugene L Eubanks Award?
  14. Evaluation teams for the General Curtis E. LeMay Award or the General Eugene L Eubanks Award provide an after action report to HQ USAF/ILV not later than how many days following the evaluations?
  15. What Services program award recognizes excellence in Air Force food service?
    John L. Hennessy Trophy
  16. What Services award program recognizes excellence in Air Force lodging service for transient personnel?
    AF Innkeeper Award
  17. Who establishes the Services award policy?
  18. Who is the single point of contact for the General Curtis E. LeMay Award and the General Eugene L. Eubanks Award?
  19. Who ensures individuals are not under indictment or investigation for any reason to avoid situations that would embarrass the Air Force or weaken the credibility and integrity of awards presented?
    Installation commander
  20. What do Golden Eagle Standards represent?
    The minimum level of service accepted in Services facilities
  21. When should the Golden Eagle Standards checklists be used?
    Every month by each facility or section manager
  22. What are the primary goals of the marketing program?
    To recognize the needs and expectations of customers and potential customers, tailor marketing programs to meet the needs, and communicate the right message to the right market.
  23. What is used to indicate level of demand?
    Market size data
  24. What do squadron marketing personnel use as a guideline when carrying out research?
    Marketing corporate standards
  25. What does marketing planning do?
    Encourages systematic thinking; enhances the coordination or activity, flight, and squadron efforts; & establishes control over performance standards.
  26. To be responsive to mission needs and requirements, the contracting system must award contracts that are in the best interest of whom?
    The Government
  27. Whose side does the Air Force take when dealing with a contract related labor disputes that may occur on Air Force installation?
    Air Force remains neutral
  28. Who determines fair or reasonable pricing for an entertainment contract?
    Contracting officer
  29. What kind of contract is awarded to individuals for their unique skills, experience, or knowledge in performing a service for a NAFI?
    Individual service
  30. What kind of contracts must not be used for construction services, services by an employee of the activity where performance of the service would create a conflict of interest, and services that the individual is obligated to provide the NAFI as a result of his or her military or civilian employee positions?
    Individual service
  31. After how many days are MAJCOMs and individual bases must be prepared to expand their operations to keep essential activities operational in a contingency or wartime?
    First 30
  32. What options must be used in order to gain required manpower levels to ensure food service operations continue?
    Contract expansion, civilian overhires, Air Reserve augmentation, and active duty Services
  33. Who do we consider when determining augmentation options to ensure essential lodging operations continue to operate?
    Civilian overhires, ARC augmentation, and active duty Services TDY support from other bases
  34. Who has the responsibility for determining strategic mission support requirements for the Air Reserve Component installation?
    Gaining MAJCOM
  35. Who determines total wartime manpower resources needed to support wartime requirements?
    Each MAJCOM and FOA
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