Psych Ch 1.2 Vocab

  1. biological prcesses
    changes in an individual's physical nature
  2. cognitive processes
    changes in an individual's thought, intelligence, and language
  3. socioemotional processes
    changes in an individual's relationhips with other people, emotions, and personality.
  4. nature-nurture issue
    refers to the debate about whether development is priarily influence by nature or nurture. nater refers to an organism's biological inheritance, nurture refers to its environmental experiences. The "nature proponents" claim that biological inheritance is the most important influence on development. The "nurture proponents" claim that evironmental experiences are the most important.
  5. stability-change issue
    involves the degree to which we become older renditions of our earlier experiences (stability) or whether we develop into someone diffrent from who we were at an earlier point in development.
  6. continuity-discontinuity issue
    focuses on the extent to which development involves gradual, cumulative change (continuity) or distinct stages (discontinuity).
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Psych Ch 1.2 Vocab
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