Extraoral and Digital Radiography

  1. An imaginary three-dimensional curved zone that is horseshoe shaped and used to focus panoramic radiographs is the
    focal through
  2. The is the imaginary plane that passes through the top of the ear canal and the bottom of the eye socket.
    Frankfort plane
  3. The imaginary line that divides the patients face into right and left side is the
    midsagittal plane
  4. is a radiographic technique that allows imaging of one layer or section of the body while blurring images from structures in other planes.
  5. A is an image receptor found in the intraoral sensor.
    charge-coupled device
  6. To convert an image into a digital form that in turn can be processed by a computer is to
  7. A small detector that is placed intraorally to capture a radiographic image is the
  8. is a filmless imaging system that uses a sensor to capture an image, break it into electronic pieces, and store it in a computer.
    digital radiography
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Extraoral and Digital Radiography
Extraoral and Digital Radiography