biology 8th

  1. what is syntesiS
  2. what is respiration
    breaking down nutriends to release the energy from them transfering energy from glucose to a usable form called ATP
  3. does evry living thing carry out biochemical prossess
    yes all of these chemical prosses make up the organisms metabolism
  4. what is homeostasis
    maintaining a stabe internal enviorment
  5. cell structure
    cytoplasm-site of many chemical reactions

    nucleus-contians DNA.DNA has code (instuctions) for making all the protiens needed by the cell

    vacoles-store water wastes and other things

    ribosomes-make proteins

    mitochindria-have enzymes for respiration;release energy (ATP)

    chloroplasts-in plants; site of synthesis

    • cell membrane-regulates wat goes in and out of the cell
    • *made of lipids and proteins
    • *diffusion-movement of molecules from high concentration to low concentration-no energy is used to enter or exit cell

    osmosis-diffusion of water across a membrane
  6. cells in salt water......
    tend to shrink cuz water will leave the cell due to osmosis
  7. cells in distilled water tend to
    will swel, burst (if animal cells) becus water will enter the cell due to osmosis.

    plant cells will not burst due to the rigid cell wall but turgor pre
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