Business Law

  1. Sources of American Law (order of importance)
    • 1.) Constitution: 51 total constitution one for every state & 1 for the Federal
    • 2.) Case Law- Case Precedence
    • 3.) Legislative Law (Congress: Senate & House)
    • 4.) Adminstrative Law: adminstrative agency to help government (FDA)
  2. Nothing can Contradict the U.S. Constitution if so called unconstitutional True or False
  3. True or False: The state and federal legal structure is the same
  4. State System
    • Supreme Court
    • I
    • Court of Appeals
    • I
    • California/State Supreme Court (lowest)
  5. Federal System
    • U.S. Supreme Court
    • I
    • Circut Court
    • I
    • U.S. District Court
  6. Could the Federal courts interpret the State courts law and vis versa? What is that called____
    No, Jurisdiction
  7. Jurisdiction
    The power of a court to hear a case
  8. 2 Types of Jurisdiction
    Original Jurisdiction and Appeiate Jurisdiction
  9. Original Jurisdiction
    Where case was originally held: State: Cali/State Superior Court, Federal: U.S. District Court

    They have a power to hear original case
  10. Appeiate Jurisdiction
    All courts abouve original jursidictions

    • State: Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
    • Federal System: Circut Court and U.S. Supreme Court
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