Top 10 Hospital drugs

  1. Lovenox
    • Gen: Enoxaparin Sodium
    • Class: Anticoagulant (LMW-heparin)
    • RoA: IV
    • MOA: Anti-Factor Xa and anti-thrombin (Factor IIa) activity
    • Indication: DVT, PE, MI, Ischemia, (all postop and prohhylaxis)
  2. Aranesp
    • Gen: Darbepoetin Alfa
    • Class: Erythropoietic- Hematopoietic
    • RoA: IV or SC
    • MOA: binds progenitor stem cells stimulating production/differentiation of erthropoiesis
    • Indication: Anemia from Chronic kidney disease and Chemotherapy
  3. Procrit
    • Gen: Epoetin Alfa
    • Class: Erythropoietic- Hematopoietic
    • RoA: IV or SC
    • MOA: bone marrow division/differentiation of committed erythroid progenitors
    • Indication: Anemia from Chronic renal failure, Chemotherapy, or Surgical procedures
  4. Revlimid
    • Gen: Lenalidomide
    • Class: Immune Modulator, Antiangiogenetic
    • RoA: Oral
    • MOA: inhibits cell proliferation, pro-inflammatory cytokines,
    • Indication: Multiple myeloma, Myelodysplastic syndrome
  5. Neulasta
    • Gen: Pegfilgrastim
    • Class: Colony Stimulating Factor, Hematopoetic
    • RoA: SC
    • MOA: A Colony Stimulation Factor- stimulates proliferation/differentiation/ activation of hematopoietic cells
    • Indication: Febrile neutropenia, in pt with non-myeloid malignancies, Prophylaxis
  6. Remicade
    • Gen: Infliximab
    • Class: Immunological agent (TNFaI)
    • RoA: IV infusion
    • MOA: inhibits the binding of TNF alpha
    • Indication: Crohn's, Colitis, RA, psoriasis
  7. Rituxan
    • Gen: Rituximab
    • Class: Antineoplastic agent, (Mab)
    • RoA: IV infusion
    • MOA: binds to CD20 antigen located on pre-B lymphocytes and may promote lysis
    • Indication: Lymphomas, Leukemias, RA
  8. Levaquin
    • Gen: Levofloxacin
    • Class: Antibiotic (fluoroquinolone)
    • RoA: Oral , IV, optical
    • MOA: inhibits topoisomerase IV, DNA gyrase (replication, transcription, repair, recombination)
    • Indication: Bronchitis, nosocomial/comm-acquired pneumonia, UTI
  9. Avastin
    • Class: Immunological Agent, (Mab) VEGF-I
    • RoA: IV infusion
    • MOA: IgG1 antibody Binds to VEGF to inhibit VEGF/Flt1 & KDR interaction of epithelial cells to prevent new blood vessels
    • Indication: Glioblastoma, Cancer (Colorectal, Renal cell Small cell lung)
  10. Zosyn
    • Gen: Piperacillin Sodium/Tazobactam Sodium
    • Class: Antibiotic (antipseudomonal/B-lactamase-I)
    • RoA: IV infusion
    • MOA: Transpeptidase-I/B-lactamase-I
    • Indication: Appendicitis, Pneumonia, Skin infection, Peritonitis, Puerperal endometritis
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