Hemo Test 3

  1. 3 mechanisms of anemia
    increase loss, decreased production, increased destruction
  2. Polycytemia vera
    RBC tumors, rbcs proliferate uncountrollably tx: bleed out patient
  3. secondary absolute polycythemia
    • hypoxia without anemia, lack of intake of oxygen ex: PDA asthma
    • or
    • Increased glucocorticoids
  4. Mononuclear phagocytic system
    macrophages in the liver,spleen and bown marrow consume old RBCs and recycle parts
  5. two ways of RBC removal
    • 1. Mononuclear phagocytic system
    • 2. intravascular hemolysis
  6. Intravascular hemolysis
    monocytes in the peripheral blood remove cell, can cause a hemolytic sample
  7. MCV formula
    Image Upload 1
  8. MCHC formula
    Image Upload 2
  9. MCH formula
    Image Upload 3
  10. what does MCV stand for and what does it tell you?
    • mean cell volume, idicates cell size
    • macrocytic
    • microcytic
  11. what does MCHC stand for and what does it tell you?
    • mean cell Hb concetration
    • hyperchromic
    • hypochromic
  12. what does MCH stand for and what does it tell you?
    mean cell Hb
  13. microcytic hypochromic Reg anemia
    iron def.
  14. Normocytic normochromic non reg
    A new anemia
  15. Macrocytic hypochromic reg.
    Polychromatophilics are present
  16. Macrocytic hyperchromic reg
    Kidney failure
  17. Macrocytic hypochromic non reg
    BM toxin
  18. Function and origin of albumin
    Maintain oncoitic pressure, liver
  19. Function and origin of Globulins
    Inflammation and inmmunity, liver and lymphoid tissue
  20. Will TP be higher or lower in newborns?
    Low, increases with colostrum intake, 6-12m untill normal
  21. is TP high or low during early gestation?
    High, due to bodys hyperimmune state
  22. Is TP normals higher or lower in late gestation?
    Low, protein leaves blood stream to go to colostrum
  23. Evaluation of TP with hydration status
    Dehydration= increased TP lvl
  24. Evaluation of TP with inflammation and immune status
    • inflammation increased TP
    • decreased TP if immunodeficeint
  25. Evaluation of TP with liver function
    decreases with liver failure
  26. Evaluation of TP with kidney function
    decreased TP
  27. Dysproteinemias
    abnormal measurements of proteins
  28. Dog RBC norms
  29. Cat RBC norms
  30. dog wbc norms
  31. cat wbc norms
  32. dog PCV norms
  33. Cat PCV norms
  34. Dog MCV norm
  35. Cat MCH norms
  36. Dog MCHC norms
  37. Cat MCHC norms
  38. Cat TP norm
    5.0-8.0 g/dl
  39. Dog TP norm
    5.0-7.0 g/dl
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