Lesson Seven Vocab

  1. gibberish
    def: nonsense; unintelligible speech

    syn: babble; chatter; prattle
  2. inimical
    def: unfriendly; hostile

    syn: mean; malicious
  3. nexus
    def: a link, tie, or bond

    syn: connection; correlation
  4. coeval
    def: of the same time period

    syn: contemporaneous
  5. dilatory
    def: tending to delay or procrastinate

    syn: dallying; laggard; unhurried
  6. convoluted
    def: complicated; intricate

    syn: compounded; jumbled
  7. entreat
    def: to earnestly request or petition

    syn: importune; implore
  8. anecdote
    def: a short account of an incident

    syn: narrative
  9. incumbent
    def: obligatory; necessary

    syn: required; essential
  10. churlish
    def: boorish or vulgar

    syn: uncouth; rude; surly
  11. promulgate
    def: to announce; to make known

    syn: declare; exhibit
  12. staid
    def: showing dignity

    syn: composed; serious; solemn
  13. livid
    def: extremely angry

    syn: enraged; furious; fuming
  14. lurid
    def: shocking; explicit

    syn: sensational; extreme
  15. cogent
    def: convincing; reasonable

    syn: compelling; pertinent; influential
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