Athletic Training

  1. anterior
    before or in front of
  2. posterior
    toward the rear or back
  3. medial
    toward the innerside or body/midline
  4. lateral
    away from the midline or on outer surface of the body
  5. proximal
    nearest to point of reference
  6. distal
    farthest from point of origin
  7. superior
    toward head
  8. inferior
    toward feet
  9. inversion
    turn inward/medial rotation
  10. eversion
    turn outward/lateral rotation
  11. internal rotation
    movement of the body toward midline
  12. external rotation
    movement of the body away from the midline
  13. flexion
    to bend, decrease angle
  14. extension
    straighten, increase
  15. abduction
    movement away from the midline
  16. adduction
    movement toward the midline
  17. circumduction
    movement in circular matter
  18. varus
    blow from the medial side

    (football player getting hit on inner leg)
  19. valgus
    blow from lateral side

    (football player getting hit on outer leg)
  20. prone
    laying face down
  21. supine
    laying face up
  22. pronation
    movement with palm facing down
  23. supination
    movement with palm facing up
  24. plantar flexion
    toes pointing down
  25. dorsi flexion
    toes pointing upward
  26. acute
    • a new injury
    • sudden onset
  27. chronic
    • older injury
    • lasts a long time
  28. tendon
    connects muscle to bone
  29. ligament
    connects bone to bone
  30. strain
    injury to muscle or tendon
  31. sprain
    injury to ligament
  32. dislocation
    complete seperation of joint
  33. subluxation
    seperation of joint that returns on its own
  34. origin
    where muscle begins
  35. insertion
    where muscle attaches
  36. epiphysis
    growth region of a bone
  37. effusion
    swelling in a joint
  38. edema
  39. adhesion
    • scar tissue
    • holding together an area not normally meant to be joined
  40. cyst
    fluid filled sac
  41. necrosis
    death of tissue
  42. spur
    sharp, boney outgrowth
  43. aspiration
    removal of fluid from a joint by means of suction
  44. hypo-
  45. hyper-
  46. -itis
  47. arthro-
    related to a joint
  48. osteo-
    related to bone
  49. chondro-
    related to cartilage
  50. primary injury
    injury that results directly from trauma
  51. secondary injury
    injury results from primary injury not being treated properly or returned to activity too soon
  52. RICE
    rest, ice, compression, elevation
  53. wound
    break in the continuity of the soft tissue
  54. blister
    continous rubbing over surface of skin causing a collection of fluid below or within epidermal layer
  55. abrasion
    • common
    • skin scraped against rough surface
    • epidermis and dermis worn away
  56. laceration
    flesh being irregularly torn
  57. skin avulsion
    skin torn to extent that tissue is completely ripped from source
  58. incision
    wound in which skin is sharply cut
  59. puncture would
    penetrations of the skin by a sharp object
  60. contusion
    • bruise
    • occurs because of sudden traumatic blow to the body
    • bleeding under skin
  61. muscle cramp
    • usually painful, involuntary contraction of skeletal mucle or muscle group
    • lack or salt or other mineral
    • muscle fatigue
  62. muscle spasm
    reflex reaction caused by trauma to a muscle
  63. referred pain
    • pain felt at point of body other than actual origin
    • spleen = pain in shoulder
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