Chapter 8 Excel

  1. The mouse pointer must be in the shape of a ____and ____ pointing arrow to increase the height of a diagram
    up and down
  2. To remove the WordArt style, but retain the text, click the _____ button in the WordArt Styles group on the ______ ______ _______ tab.
    More; Drawing Tools Format
  3. To complete the process of creating a shape, release the _____button
  4. You can copy a shape to other locations in the worksheet by dragging the shape while holding down the ____ or the ______ key. Either key will work in performing this ________
    Shift or Control key
  5. Insert a _________ diagram in a worksheet by clicking the _____ tab, clicking the SmartArt button in the _______ group, and then double clicking the desired diagram and then choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box.Customize a diagram with options in the _____ _____ ______ ___ or the _______ ______ _____ customizing shapes is NOT part of the SmartArt Tools Design Tab.
    SmartArt; Insert; SmartArt Tools Design tab;SmartArt Tools Format tab
  6. To display a worksheet automatically in the default Web browser, check the _____ ____ ___ _____ ___ _____ check box in the Publish a Web Page dialog box.
    Open published web page in browser
  7. To link a specified file or Web page, position the mouse pointer on the________until it changes to a _____, then click the ____ mouse button.
    hyperlink; left
  8. To maintain the proportions of a shape, hold down the ____ key while dragging it with the mouse to create it.
  9. The Search in option at the Clip Art task pane has a default setting of _____ _____.This can be changed to _______ Collections, ______ Collections, and _____Collections.
    All Collections; My Collections; Office Collections, and Web Collections
  10. To increase or decrease only the width of a diagram, you mut first position the mouse pointer on the _____dots in the middle of the left or right _______.
    4; boarders
  11. You can save an Excel workbook as a _____page and then view it in the default Web software. You can use the ____, Open option in the Internet Explorer, use the Open option in the ______ button or automatically in your browser, when you click ______, if you checked the appropiate option when saving the file.
    Web; File;Office
  12. To create a picture watermark in a worksheet, click the _______ tab and then click the ________& _________ button in the Text group. With the worksheet in _______ _______ view, click the Picture button in the Header&Footer Elements group in the desired folder and then ______click the desired picture.
    Insert; Header& Footer; Print Layout
  13. To create a ________in a workbook, select the text, click the _______tab and then click the _______button I the Links group. At the Insert Hyperlink dialog box,type the ____name or ____ ____URL in the Address text box.
    hyperlink; Insert; Hyperlink
  14. You can type text in an _______ _______ object.
    enclosed drawn object
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Chapter 8 Excel
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