1. colmekill
    where kings are buried
  2. sirrah
    address and inferior
  3. hecate
    goddess of witchcraft
  4. exeunt
    everyone leave stage
  5. aside
    person talks to himself
  6. soliloquoy
    1 person speech
  7. inverness
    macbeth's castle
  8. fife
    macduff's castle
  9. dunsinane
    duncan's castle
  10. scone
    where scottish kings are crowned
  11. ireland
    where donalbain goes
  12. alarum
    trumpet sound offstage
  13. sennet
  14. prince of cumberland
    name of scottish heir to throne
  15. porter
    person who answers door when duncan was killed
  16. flourish
    good trumpet sound
  17. king duncan's death?
    lady macbeth gets duncans servants very drunk so they cant remember anything. then while duncan is sleeping macbeth goes in and stabs him to death
  18. Banquo's death?
    macbeth hires 3 murderers to kill banquoe and fleance while everyone is at a banquet that is supposed to be for banquo. Banquo is killed, but fleance gets away
  19. Macduff's family's death?
    macbeth wants macduff killed, so he sends a murderer to his castle. macduff is not there though, so they kill his wife and son
  20. One example of a honorable death in macbeth?
    youn siward was stabbed in the front, meaning he died while trying to fight back and not running away
  21. stratford upon avon?
    where shakespeare was born
  22. firt folio?
    • composition of all shakespeare's works
    • published after his death
  23. glover?
    father's job
  24. anne hathaway?
    shakespeare's wife
  25. hammnet and judith?
    his twin children
  26. mary arden?
  27. new place?
    house he built for his family in stratford upon avon
  28. susannah?
    first child
  29. the rape of lucrece
    important poem to shakespeare
  30. the tempest?
    shakespeare's masterpiece
  31. the king's men?
    the men who acted in the globe theatre
  32. lord chamberlin's men?
    same people as the kings men, but different name, under a new king
  33. the globe?
    theatre that shakespeare partly owned and the most known
  34. yard/pit?
    where the poor people stood
  35. hell?
    below stage
  36. heavens?
    above stage
  37. alcove?
    on the side that could set up w/diff scenes
  38. James burbage?
    built first theatre
  39. pennystinkers?
    poor people who got into show by only paying a penny
  40. atlas?
    globe theater's symbol
  41. The Theater
    first theater built
  42. The Curtain
    2nd theater built
  43. Richard Burbage
    actor of the day
  44. Elizabeth theater?
    • relied on costumes and props
    • only men could act
    • shows were during the day
    • actos used quartos on stage instead of memorizing lines
  45. Why is ambition macbeth's fatal flaw?
    • overconfident in himself
    • thought he was invincible
    • lost is all when he found out that macduff could kill him.
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