ENGLISH MIDTERM= medieval period

  1. martinmas day?
    in the fall
  2. joan of arc?
    14 yr old who fought in the crusades for france
  3. red rose
    house of lancaster
  4. sir patrick spens
    was forced to sail in the winter
  5. wool
    became a big trade
  6. westminster abbey
    a church in england
  7. chivalry
    code of honor
  8. sir bedevere
    threw arthur's sword into water
  9. snake
    started the war
  10. eleanor of aquitaine?
    fought in crusades
  11. house of york
    white rose
  12. king harold?
    killed by william the conqueror
  13. domesday book
    census to find saxon land
  14. magna carta
    great charter
  15. romance?
    in french literature
  16. plantagenets
    name for family
  17. two major events of the medieval time period and effect on society?
    • black plague- death of feudalism and rise of middle class
    • war of the roses- english civil war, it divided the 2 houses of york and lancaster
  18. 3 characteristics of ballads?
    • 1 subject
    • dialogue
    • not deep/profound
  19. Wife of bath?
  20. squire?
    • could sing
    • knight's 20 yr old son
  21. friar?
    • conartist
    • begger
    • helped rich people
  22. oxford student?
    • full time student
    • philosophy
    • had people pay for his books
  23. Explain how excalibur finds its home again?
    when arthur is dying, bedivere throws it into the lake and the lady of the lake grabs it
  24. Compare and contrast the parson and the pardoner
    the pardoner would help only the right people who could pay him for hearing their sins. The parson who do anything for his followers, he helped the poor people without pay and would go anywhere to help them
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