ch 6

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  1. chart
  2. clinical pathway/care map
    a step-by-step approach to the total care of the patient
  3. continuous quality improvement
    process of continually evaluating nursing care to identify specific areas that need changes for improvement.
  4. dependent nursing action
    action that requires a physican's order
  5. documentation
    recording of pertinent data on the clinical record
  6. evaluation
    judgement of the effectivness of the intervention or plan
  7. implementation
    performing an intervention and assessing the response
  8. independent nursing action
    does not require a physicans order, but it does require critical thinking and nursing judgement
  9. interdependent nursing action
    actions that come from collaborative care planning
  10. interventions
    nursing actions aimed at accomplishing a goal or expected outcome
  11. nursing audit
    the examination of a series of patient records to determine if nursing care for those patients met particular standards and particular outcomes
  12. outcome-based quality improvement
    improvement of the quality of performance
  13. time-fixed
    must be done at a set time
  14. time-flexible
    can be done at any time
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