Ergonomos 1

  1. Define "Ergon" and "Nomos".
    • Ergon - greek word for work
    • Nomos - greek word for law
    • The science (laws) of work
  2. Define Ergonomics.
    The study of interaction between people and machines and the factors that affect the interaction
  3. What is the ergonomics triangle?
    Includes human, environment (work space/equipment), and the interaction between them, which is the work
  4. What are the 5 components of ergonomics?
    • physical
    • cognitive
    • organization
    • environment
    • person
  5. What is entailed in physical ergonomics?
    • workstation, equipment and tool design
    • manual materials handling, repetitive motion, awkward posture, & excessive force
  6. What is entailed in "cognitive" ergonomics?
    • display design, control layout, systems
    • Deals with info processing (interpretation, feedback, intervention); Useability (intuivitive, standardized)
  7. What is entailed in Environmental ergonomics?
    • Noise, vibration, temperature & lighting
    • Can result in Physical & mental demands, attention, productivity, injury risk
  8. What is entailed in organization ergonomics?
    • Work system design (pacing, layout) & administrative controls (work scheduling/task rotation)
    • Affects physical demands, mental demands (stress) and productivity
  9. What is entailed in the person in ergonomics?
    • Consider individual differences between workers (size, reach, strength and fitness)
    • Affects posture, physical abilities and fatigue
  10. What can be some positive changes due to ergonomic changes?
    • decrease injury risk and accident risk
    • increase job satisfaction and productivity
  11. What are the physical ergonomics issues?
    • Manual material handling
    • Repetitive work
    • Work posture
    • Endurance/fatigue (work-rest, energy required for task)
    • Force, posture, repetition & duration
  12. What is the goal of ergonomics?
    Minimize the mis-match between human capabilities and task requirements
  13. What is the goal of human factors?
    improve performance, improve safety, reduce the need for training and improve user satisfaction
  14. Define abduction.
    Away from your body
  15. Define adduction
    towards your body
  16. Give the basic definition of Anthropometry.
    The science of measurement of body size.
  17. What is the golden ratio?
    The total height can be calculated by 1.618 x height of bellybutton down
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