Contraversial Issues Exam1 (Consumer Reports)

  1. Consumer Reports
    a monthly publication that evaluates products and services, everything from cars to mp3 players. They accept no contributions or perks so their evaluations are trusted to be completely unbiased and truthful.
  2. Efficacy Study
    considered the "Gold Standard" in evaluating treatment outcome. A treatment group is compared to a non-treatment group (control group) in a carefully designed and controlled study
  3. Efficiency Study
    An effectiveness study looks at treatment outcome as it occurs with typical ( not selected) people under "real world" conditions.
  4. Is the Consumer Reports conclusion that "psychotherapy helps" valid?
    Yes: Matrin Seligman

    No: Neil Jacobson and Andrew Christenson
  5. M. Seligmen Argues...
    defends the conslusion of consumer reports that psychotherapy is effective be pointing to the importance of client satisfaction
  6. Jacobsin and Christenson argues
    contend that consumer reports is essentailly the samd as a 40-year-old study; long rejected and outdated.
  7. Dodo Bird hypothesis
    The idea that all types of psychotherapy work about equally well.
  8. Where is the contraversy?
    It was not in CR general conclusion but the method they used to reach a conclusion.

    There was no experiment - with control groups and manipulated variables

    Seligman argues it is valid but comparing effeicacy studies vs efficiency studies

    Jacobson and Christenson argues that they have retrospective surveys and surveys that were given do not correlate with general client functioning
  9. Control Group
    A group in a scientific experiment where the factor being tested is not applied so that it may serve as a standard for comparison against another group where the factor is applied
  10. Manipulated variable
    The variable that is manipulated in an experiment to determine its effect(s) on variable(s) reliant to it.
  11. Meta Analysis
    Is the direction that modern treatment outcome reasearch has taken, Results of many studies are combined into a single analysis to better asses treatment effectivieness. (Technique pioneered by smith and glass in 1970)
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Contraversial Issues Exam1 (Consumer Reports)
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