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  1. ADT
    Admission, Discharge, and Transfer System
  2. LIS
    Laboratory Information System
  3. ICU
    Intensive Care Unit Systems
  4. PACS
    Picture Archiving and Communicating Systems
  5. CPOE
    Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems
  6. EHR
    Electronic Health Records
  7. CPR
    Computer-based Patient Record
  8. EMR
    Electronic Medical Record
  9. EPR
    Electronic Patient Record
  10. IDN
    Integrated Delivery Network
  11. CDR
    Clinical Data Repository
  12. eMAR
    Electronic Medication Administration Records
  13. IOM
    Institute of Medicine
  14. ASP
    Application Service Provider
  15. HL7
    Health Level Seven
  16. HIPAA
    • Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • began 1966
    • establish standards for accountability and criterie for the protetion & confidentiality of health infromation that was transported electronically
  17. CHI
    • Consolidated Health Information
    • Released EHR standards in 2003
    • Standards initiated so 20 fed. agencies could effectively share health info
    • Standards include common clinical vocabularies & standards methods for transmitting health info
  18. CCHIT
    • Certification Commission for Health Information Technology
    • Commisioned by US Dept of Health & Human Services
    • nongovernment ord
    • Credentials EHR programs
  19. PHI
    Protected Health Information
  20. HITECH
    • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
    • Part of ARRA
    • Governs development within the health-care industry
    • Expands HIPAA's coverage by increasing compliance obligations, increasing privacy regulations, and strengthening enforcement penalties
    • introduced 1st federally mandated data breach notification requirement
    • beacme law 2/2009, effective 2/2010
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ehr acronyms.txt
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