Chapter 7 Study Sheet

  1. To increase both the _______ and ______ of a chart at the same time, position the mouse pointer on the three dots in a chart border and ____ thte chart to the desired size.
    height and width; drag
  2. _________, ___________, and ________ can be added to a chart in addition to those that Excel automatically.
    Pictures, shapes, and clip art
  3. Excel automatically inserts a _____ _____, labels for the __-___ and labels for the ___-___.
    chart legend; X-axis and Y-axis
  4. When charts are moved from a source sheet to another sheet, the tab name is __________ named after the _____sheet. For example, if you move a chart from sheet 2 to a new sheet, the sheet will name itself Chart 2.
    automatically; source
  5. The _______ ______ ____of a column chart created by Excel is referred to as the y-axis
    left vertical side
  6. The ________ ______ of a column chart created by Excel us referred to as the x-axis.
    horizontal side
  7. The ___ button is located in the the ______ group on the _______ _____ ______Tab.
    Shapes;Insert; Chart Tools Layout
  8. When you want to put the chart in the same worksheet as its data cells, you change the size of the chart with the ___ headed arrow located in the ____ of the chart.
    2; corners
  9. You can create a chart for a worksheet by using the ___ key or clicking the _____ _____ option in the _____ ____ dialog box.
    F11; New Sheet; move chart
  10. By using the chart labels in the _____ ____ ____ tab, you can insert ____ Titles, ______ Titles, _____ or other chart titles you might make to make your presentation.
    Chart Tools Layout; Axis; Chart; Legend
  11. _____+_____ is the keyboard shortcut to create a chart from the selected cells.
  12. If you want to save the formatting layout and style of the current chart, click the ___ ___ ____ button on the Chart tools design tab. This will allow you to use the ____ template over again.
    Save As Template; same
  13. Move a chart by positioning the mouse pointer on the ____ ____ until it turns into a ____-headed arrow and then ______ it with the mouse to the desired location.
    chart boarder; 4; dragging
  14. The _____ to ____ style button can be used to return chart formatting back to the original layout.
    Reset to Match Style
  15. Use the options in the Chart Tools Layout tab to _______ the format of the chart and chart elements.
  16. To delete a chart in a worksheet, click the chart to select it, and then press the _____ key. To delete a chart created in a seperate sheet, postion the mouse pointet on the ___- tab, click the ____ mouse button, and then click Delete.
    Delete; chart, right
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