331 3.1 Acoustics Part 2

  1. Phase
    • the temporal relationships between pure tones will determine the manner by which they combine
    • degrees (of a circle)
  2. simple tones
    add together simply
  3. pure tones will combine regardess
    of where they start
  4. Fourier analysis
    • the breaking apart of any complex sound into component sine waves
    • any sound can be broken into pure tones
  5. hearing aids break apart complex sounds
  6. to test hearing, how long must eah tone play
    30 - 90 seconds
  7. timbre
    the influence of the sound spectrum on perception
  8. two basic acoustic plots
    • waveform plot - amplitude over time
    • spectral plot - amplitude over frequency
  9. the duration of a sound
    may also influence its spectrum
  10. to make a pure tone..
    the rise time and fall time must be adjusted
  11. aperiodic
    not period
  12. periodic
    having a period
  13. noise can be..
    periodi or aperiodic
  14. radio static is
    white noise (it contains all frequencies)
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331 3.1 Acoustics Part 2
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