Adaptive radiation

  1. What is an ecological niche?
    The role that an organism plays within a community
  2. What is adaptive radiaiton?
    The evolution of a group of related organisms alond several different lines by adapting over a long period of time to a wide variety of environments
  3. Give examples of animals that have come about through adaptive radiation
    Mammals (placentals, marsupials and monotremes), cichlid fish, and Darwin's/Galapagos finches
  4. What is homolgy?
    This refers to any similarity between the structures of organisms that have the same evolutionary origin eg pentadactyl limb. These structures have arisin by divergent evolution
  5. What is analogy?
    Structures that perform the same function but are structually different and have arisen fom different evolutionary origins. These structures have arisen by convergent evolution
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