335 3.1 Neuroanatomy Part 2

  1. Amygdala
    • generate emotional responses such as fear, desire, etc.
    • affects the way we relate to the world and others around us
    • figure 11-17 p. 562
  2. hippocampus
    • memories are forged here
    • turning experiences into neural pathways that are stored for future reference
    • figure 11-17 p. 562
  3. corona radiata
    • projection fibers that run to and from the cortex to te brainstem and spinal cord
    • figure 11-19 p. 565
  4. internal capsule
    projection fibers where the corona radiata converge into the anterior limb and posterior limb.
  5. anterior limb
    separates caudate nucleus and putamen serving frontal lobe
  6. posterior limb
    includes optic radiation which projects to calcarine sulcus for vision
  7. genu
    junction between anterior and posterior limb
  8. CNS is bathed in..
    • cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
    • provides a cushion for neural tissue and delivers nutrients and removes waste
  9. CSF is contained
    how many
    • within ventricles (spaces) within the brain
    • 4 ventricles
  10. within each ventricle is a
    choroid plexus = aggregate of tissues which produces the CSF
  11. lateral ventricles
    • 1st ventricle
    • paired
    • largest of all ventricles
    • produces the bulk of CSF
    • extends into all brain lobes
  12. Septum pellucidum
    • 2nd ventricle
    • thin tissue that separates the lateral ventricles
  13. 3rd ventricle
    lies between two sides of the thalamus
  14. 4th ventricle
    sits between the cerebellum and the pons
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