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  1. Prone:
    Physiological flexion
    Lifts head briefly
    Head to side
    Newborn to 1 Month
  2. Supine:
    Physiological flexion
    Rolls partly to side
    Newborn to 1 Month
  3. Sitting:
    Head lag in pull to sit
    Newborn to 1 Month
  4. Standing:
    Reflex standing and walking
    Newborn to 1 Month
  5. Prone:
    Lifts head 90 degrees briefly
    Chest up in prone position with some weight through forearms
    Rolls prone to supine
    2 to 3 Months
  6. Supine:
    ATNR influence strong
    Legs kick reciprocally
    Prefers head to side
    2 to 3 Months
  7. Sitting:
    Variable head lag in pull to sitting position
    Needs full support to sit
    Head upright but bobbing
    2 to 3 Months
  8. Standing:
    Poor weight bearing
    Hips in flexion, behind shoulders
    2 to 3 Months
  9. Prone:
    Bears weight on extended arms
    Pivots in prone to reach toys
    4 to 5 Months
  10. Supine:
    Rolls from supine to side position
    Plays with feet to mouth
    4 to 5 Months
  11. Sitting:
    Head steady in supported sitting position
    Turns head in sitting position
    Sits alone for brief periods
    4 to 5 Months
  12. Standing:
    Bears all weight through legs in supported stand
    4 to 5 Months
  13. Regards objects in direct line of vision
    Follows moving object to midline
    Newborn to 1 month
  14. Hands fisted
    Arm movements jerky
    Movements may be purposeful or random
    Newborn to 1 Month
  15. Can see further distances
    Visually follows through 180 degrees
    2 to 3 Months
  16. Hands open more
    Grasp is reflexive
    Uses palmar grasp
    2 to 3 Months
  17. Grasps and releases toys
    Uses ulnar-palmar grasp
    4 to 5 Months
  18. Prone:
    Rolls from supine to prone position
    Holds weight on one hand to reach for toy
    6 to 7 Months
  19. Supine:
    Lifts head
    6 to 7 Months
  20. Sitting:
    Lifts head and helps when pulled to sitting position
    Gets to sitting position without assistance
    Sits independently
    6 to 7 Months
  21. Standing:
    Stands holding on when placed
    Bounces in standing
    6 to 7 Months
  22. Mobility:
    May crawl backwards
    6 to 7 Months
  23. Approaches objects with one hand
    Arm in neutral when approaching toy
    6 to 7 Months
  24. Radial-palmar grasp
    "Rakes" with fingers to pick up small objects
    Voluntary release to transfer objects between hands
    6 to 7 Months
  25. Prone:
    Gets into hands-and-knees position
    8 to 9 Months
  26. Supine:
    Does not tolerate supine position
    8 to 9 Months
  27. Sitting:
    Moves from sitting to prone position
    Sits without hand support for longer periods
    Pivots in sitting position
    8 to 9 Months
  28. Standing:
    Stands at furniture
    Pulls to stand at furniture
    Lowers to sitting position from supported stand
    8 to 9 Months
  29. Mobility:
    Crawls forward
    Walks along furniture
    8 to 9 Months
  30. Develops active supination
    Radial-digital grasp develops
    Uses inferior pincer grasp
    Extends wrist actively
    8 to 9 Months
  31. Points with index finger
    Pokes with index finger
    Release of objects is more refined
    Takes objects out of container
    8 to 9 Months
  32. Standing:
    Stands without support breifly
    Pulls to stand using half-kneel intermediate position
    Picks up object from floor from standing with support
    10 to 11 Months
  33. Mobility:
    Walks with both hands held
    Walks with one hand held
    Creeps on hands and feet (bear walk)
    10 to 11 Months
  34. Fine pincer grasp developed
    Puts object into container
    Grasps crayon adaptively
    10 to 11 Months
  35. Mobility:
    Walks without support
    Fast walking
    Walks backwards
    Walks sideways
    12 to 15 Months
  36. Mobility:
    Bends over to look between legs
    Creeps or hitches upstairs
    Throws ball in sitting position
    12 to 15 Months
  37. Marks paper with crayon
    Builds tower using two cubes
    Turns over small container to obtain contents
    12 to 15 Months
  38. Squats in play
    Walks upstairs and downstairs
    Propels ride on toys
    Kicks ball, throws ball forward
    Picks up toys from floor without falling
    16 to 24 Months
  39. Folds paper
    Strings beads
    Stack six cubes
    Vertical and horizontal strokes with crayon on paper
    Holds crayon with thumb and fingers
    16 to 24 Months
  40. Rides tricycle
    Walks backwards
    Walks on tiptoes
    Runs on toes
    2 Years
  41. Walks downstairs alternating feet
    Catches large ball
    Hops on one foot
    2 Years
  42. Turns knobs
    Opens and closes jar
    Buttons large buttons
    2 Years
  43. Uses child-size scissors with help
    Does 12 - 15 piece puzzles
    Folds paper or clothes
    2 Years
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