Vocabulary book Level D finished

  1. Admonish
    To caution or advise
  2. Breach
    an opening or a gap
  3. Brigand
    A bandit or robberer
  4. Circumspect
    careful, cautious
  5. commendeer
    clumsy, hard to handle
  6. Deadlock
    a tied push between two forces
  7. Debris
    scattered fragments
  8. Diffuse
    To spread or scatter freely or wildly
  9. Dilemma
    a difficult situation
  10. cumbersome
    clumsy , hard to handle
  11. Efface
    to wipe out
  12. Muddle
    to make a mess of
  13. opinionated
    Stuborn and often stubborn
  14. Perennial
    LAsting for a long time
  15. Predispose
    to incline to beforehand
  16. Relinquish
    To let go
  17. Salvage
    To save from fire or wreckage
  18. Spasmodic
    sudden and violent but breif
  19. Spurious
    not genuine
  20. Unbridled
  21. adjourn
    to stop proceedings temporarily
  22. Alien
    a citizen from another country
  23. comely
    having a plasing appearance
  24. compensate
    to make up for
  25. dissolute
    • loose in ones morals
    • naughty
  26. erratic
    not regular
  27. expulsion
    the process of driving or forcing out
  28. feint
    a deliberately deceptive movement
  29. fodder
    foor for horses or cattle
  30. fortify
    to stregthen
  31. illegible
    hard to read
  32. jeer
    to make fun of
  33. lucrative
  34. mediocre
  35. proliferater
    to reproduce
  36. subjagate
    to conquer by force
  37. sully
    to soil or stain
  38. tantalize
    to tease
  39. terse
    breif and to the piont
  40. unflinching
    firm and not drwing back
  41. abridge
    to make shorter
  42. adherent
    a follower
  43. altercation
    and angry argument
  44. cherubic
    resembling an angel
  45. condone
    to overlook
  46. dissent
    to disagree
  47. eminent
  48. exorcise
    to drive out by magic
  49. fabricate
    to make
  50. irate
  51. marauder
    a raider
  52. obesity
    excessive fatness
  53. pauper
    an extremely poor person
  54. pilfer
    to steal in small quantitiy
  55. rift
    a split, breach
  56. semblance
    • a likeness
    • a similiar feature
  57. surmount
    to overcome
  58. terminate
    to end
  59. trite
    • commonplace
    • overused
  60. usurp
    to seize and hold a position
  61. abscond
    to run off and hide
  62. access
    approach or admittance to places
  63. anarchy
    a lack of gverment and law
  64. arduous
    hard to do
  65. auspicous
  66. baised
    favoring one side unduly
  67. daunt
    to overcome with fear
  68. disentangle
    free from tangles
  69. fated
    determined in advance by destiny
  70. hoodwinked
    to mislead by a trick
  71. inanimate
    not having life
  72. incinerate
    to burn to ashes
  73. intrepid
    very brave
  74. larceny
  75. pliant
    bending readily
  76. pompous
    overly self importantin speech and manner
  77. precipice
    a very steep cliff
  78. rectify
    to correct
  79. reprieve
    a temporary relif or delay
  80. revile
    to attack with words
  81. accomplice
    a person who takes part in a crime
  82. annihilate
    to destroy completely
  83. arbitrary
  84. brazen
  85. catalyst
    a substance tht causes a chemical reaction
  86. exodus
    a large scale depature
  87. facilitate
    to make easier
  88. incorrigible
    not able to be corected
  89. latent
    hidden but not relized
  90. militant
    • given to fighting
    • an activist
  91. morose
    having a gloomy or sullen manner
  92. opaque
    • not letting light through
    • no lucid
  93. paramount
    above all others
  94. prattle
    to babble or talk in babby launguage
  95. rebut
    to offer evidence to cancel out the outher refute
  96. reprimand
    to scold
  97. servitude
  98. slapdash
  99. stagnant
    • not running or flowing
    • sluggish
  100. succumb
    to give way to a supirior force
  101. atone
    to make up for
  102. bondage
  103. credible
  104. defray
    to pay for
  105. diligent
  106. doleful
  107. ghastly
  108. hamper
    to hold back
  109. hew
    to shape or cut down
  110. impoverished
  111. incessant
    never stopping
  112. intricate
  113. lucid
    easy to understand
  114. posthumous
    occurring or published after death
  115. prim
    overly neat
  116. sardonic
    bitterly sarcastic
  117. superfluous
    exceeding in what is required
  118. supplant
    to take the place of
  119. taunt
    to jeer at, mock
  120. tenacious
    holding fast
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