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  1. Before Genesis 6 man often lived hundreds of years, but then why did God shorten their lives to 120 years?
    Because of their wickedness
  2. Gen 6:5-7 - Because man was so evil, what did God want to do?
    wipe them off the earth
  3. Gen 6:8 - When everyone else was evil, what one man found favor in the sight of God?
  4. Gen 6:10 - Who were Noah's 3 sons?
    Ham, Shem, Japheth
  5. Gen 6:13-14 - Because God was going to kill everyone in the world, what did he tell Noah to do?
    Build an ark
  6. Gen 6:16 - How many decks did the ark have?
    3 - upper, lower, middle
  7. Gen 7:2-4 - God told Noah to take on the ark 7 pairs of what, 2 pairs of what, and 7 pairs of what?
    7 pairs of clean animals, 2 pairs of unclean animals, and 7 pairs of birds
  8. Gen 7:5 - After God told Noah what to do, the Bible says Noah did what?
    He did everything the Lord commanded.
  9. Gen 7:6 - How old as Noah when the flood came?
    600 years
  10. Gen 7:12, 17 - How many days did it rain during the flood?
    40 days
  11. Gen 7:14 - Who did Noah take with him on the ark?
    his wife, his 3 sons and their wives
  12. Gen 7:19-20 - The water rose so high on the earth that even what was covered?
    the mountains
  13. Gen 8:7-12 - What 2 birds did Noah send out to see if the land was dry?
    a raven and a dove
  14. Gen 7:11, 8:14 - The flood started on the 17th day of the 2nd month. How long did Noah stay in the ark?
    one year and 10 days. He came out the next year in the 2nd month, the 27th day
  15. Gen 9:1 - When Noah and his family came out of the ark what did God command them to so?
  16. Gen 9:3 - Before the flood man only ate plants. After the flood what did God tell Noah they could now eat?
  17. Gen 9:8-11 - What was the covenant or promise God made to Noah after the flood?
    the He would never again destroy the earth with water
  18. Gen 9:12-17 - What was the sign of God's covenant?
    the rainbow
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