health vocab

  1. total health
    social, emotional/mental, and physicalImage Upload 1
  2. what is the light sensitive part of the eye?
  3. what does jumping, pushing, and lifting do?
    uses muscles to build strength
  4. what is dermatitis
    red swollen, itchy patches on the skin
  5. anything ending in -ose is usually ______
  6. how do you build up ab strength?
    by doing sit ups or curl ups
  7. what is an organism that causes disease?
  8. what is the function of the liver? (alcohol wise)
    breaks down alcohol
  9. what measures sound intensity?
  10. _____ is the form of good cholesterol
  11. ____ is the bad form of cholesterol
  12. a ______ is an irrational fear
  13. what is pulse recovery rate?
    heart rate after workout
  14. what is effective time management?
    setting goals and priorities
  15. _________ means to watch portion sizes and what you eat
    moderation in diets
  16. another name for marijuana is________
  17. this happens when bones become brittle ad lose calcium
  18. always put frozen food in the _____ to thaw
  19. how does working out benefit your emotional health?
    it relieves stress and builds your confidence
  20. _________has to do with the mineral iron
  21. the _______ food group is the one we should have to most of
  22. words that end in -cide means ____
  23. the _________is responsible for balance in the ear
    cochlea or the semicircular
  24. whats the difference btween water-soluable and fat-soluable vitamins
    the difference between fat soluable and water soluable vitamins is that the fat soluable vitamins are not easily excreted by the body they can retain for a long period of time and water soluable vitamins are quickly excreted like by urination, perspiration or defecation and vomiting
  25. _____ is using the body weight in exercises like push ups and pull ups
    isotonic exercises
  26. when you have ______ in your eye it blocks light out
  27. how do you avoid cross contamination?
    when preparing meals by washing hands, washing work surfaces, and keeping raw meats away from cooked foods or foods that will be eaten raw
  28. what is cirrhosis
    the leading cause of deaths in slcoholics; when the liver shuts down
  29. fiber removes _____
  30. never leave food at room temperature for more than ___ hours
  31. what is ethanol
    the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
  32. leg lifts are a good measure of________
    muscular endurance
  33. saturated fats are udually in____ form like butter
  34. the drug LSD is usually known to cause ________
  35. ________ is the ability to move a body part in a full range of motion
  36. Fetal alcohol syndrom is a ____ caused by womn drinking while pregnant
    birth defect
  37. what is anorexia nervosa
    starving yourself
  38. what is bulimia
    binging(eating a lot) and then purging (throwing up)
  39. ________is used to define blood sugar
  40. a cancer causing substance is known as __________
  41. in new jersey its illegal to drive a car with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of ____
  42. taking more calories than burned is called______ ______ and burning more calories than taken in is ______ ________.
    • weight gain
    • weight loss
  43. realistic weight loss goal is _ to _ pains a week
    1 to 2
  44. positive stress is called ______and negative stress is callled _______
    • eustress
    • distress
  45. smoking during pregnancy limits the amount of ______ getting to the baby
  46. what is a vegan
    person who eats only food of plain origin
  47. a nutrient that contains the most concentrted for of energy
  48. the hard non-living dense white material on the crown of a tooth is the
  49. ___%-___% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates
  50. marijuana is a drug that produces _______ __________
    reverse tolerance
  51. ____________ _________ invovles resistance through an entire range of motion
    isokinetic exercise
  52. _______is s medication that is used to treat a bacterial infection
  53. diabetes is high blood pressure caused by insufficient _________ in the bosy
  54. ______ arewhite patches in the mouth that can cause cancer
  55. making up excuses to explain behavior instead of takinf responsibility is an example of ______
    the defense mechanism
  56. __________ are synthetic drugs that function like the hormone testosterone
    anabolic steroids
  57. ________ is a doctor that specializes in skin problems
  58. the FDA requires that all packaged foods list their ingredients by their ________
  59. where does the major part of digestion and absorption of nutrients occur?
    the small intestines
  60. what is a sign of good progress in a fitness program?
    a lower resting heartrate
  61. which type of drugs are responsible for slowing down the bodys functions?
  62. words ending in -itis usually means ______
  63. what happend to your blood vessel when youre hot
    they dilate
  64. emphysema affects the _______________ in the lungs
    air sacs
  65. the chemical in marijuana that interferes with signals between nerve cells is ____
  66. diets that are realted to hearts focus on _____ and _______
    fats and sodium
  67. A liver inflammation caused by infections or toxic substances is ______
  68. A physical disorder causes by stress rathan than by disease or damage to the bosy is ___________ ________
    psychomatic illness
  69. a _____ is a test that measures brain activity
  70. Schizophrenia is associated with hallucinations and______
    hearing voices
  71. Lending money to or making excuses for an alcoholic is an example of an ________
  72. What is agility?
    the ability to control the body movements and to change the body positions quickly
  73. cumulative risks result from
    repeating a risk over time
  74. punching a pillow is a healthy way of _________
    dealing with anger
  75. according to mazlo's hierarchy or needs _______ _______ needs must be met first
    lower level
  76. _________ is a smokeable form of cocaine
  77. what are narcotics
    strong painkillers
  78. __% -__% of your calorie intake should be protein
    10% - 15%
  79. althelete's foot and ringworm are caused by _______
  80. what is a eulogy
    a speech spoken at a funeral topraise the deceased
  81. cigarette smoke paralyzes the hair like structures in your lungs called...
  82. ________ could result if a diabetic takes too much insullin
  83. the basic units of protein are called_____
    amino acids
  84. what is the reccomended calorie intake for teenage girls?
  85. excess sodium in a diet is a risk of what?
    high blood pressure
  86. during the ___________ stage of stress a person is most likely to become ill
  87. one gram of carbohydrates is equal to _ calories
  88. Inhalants produce effects similar to _____
    hashish <- not a typo
  89. what is the outmost layer of skin?
    the epidermis
  90. what is associated with sodium?
    hyper tension
  91. what is melanome
    a very serious type of skin cancer that spreads rapidly
  92. what hypoglycemia?
    low blood sugar
  93. the substance that tends to build up in blood vessels is called ___________
  94. an obituary is?
    a death notice in the newspaper
  95. when smoking whil pregnant you are at a grater risk of _________,___________, and haveing a low ________rate.
    • miscarriage
    • stillbirth
    • low
  96. stress increases ________
  97. there is __ ounce of alcohol in one drink
  98. euthanasia is called __________
    mercy killing
  99. ______ sends signals to the brain and allows us to see
    optic nerve
  100. _________is the leading cause of mental retardation
    FAC fedal alcohol syndrome
  101. what is the reduction of a dead body to ashes called?
  102. what is the tough outer part of the eye?
  103. the sugars and starches found in food are
  104. what is progression
    a gradual increase in overload necessary for achieving high levels of fitness
  105. exercise increase what?
    the body's need for calories and fluids
  106. the ratio of weight to height is __________
    body mass index
  107. Type A personality:
    • very competitive
    • high achiever
  108. anabolic steroids causes abnormally ________ behavior
  109. according to F.I.T. how hard a person works at an exercise is _______
  110. if you want to gain weight you should add ___ calories to your diet and vice versa if you want to gain weight
  111. it is _____ to take large doses of fat soluable vitamins because too much will become _____.
    • bad
    • toxic
  112. smoking leads to increased risk of a ______
  113. an unwanted thought that prevents someone thinking about other is called_________
    an obsession
  114. regression is...
    an immature way to express your emotions
  115. jogging is a ______ exercise
  116. an important part of stress management
  117. how should you help someone who is threatening suicide
    show empathy and support
  118. health literacy
    to know basic halth knowledge
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