ot skills ch 1

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  1. the domain of occupational therapy
    a profession's domain of concern consists of those areas of human experience in which practitioners of the profession offer assistance to others. Ann mosey 1981
  2. the domain
    outlines the professions scope of practice and areas in which it's members have an established body of knowledge and expertise
  3. domain
    gives practitioners away to use occupation in practice-application

    tool to explain what OT is about and our unique contributions

    outlines the area in which we provide services

    gives practitioners a way to think about, talk about and apply occupation across the OT Process
  4. OT Process
    describes the structional pieces (i.e. evaluation, intervention, outcomes, etc) we use when delivering dervices
  5. the process
    the occupation/client-centered methods used in the delivery of occupational therapy services
  6. relationship of domain and process
    domain outlines the area in which we provide services=the parameters in which we work


    process describes the structural pieces=the structure to achieve outcomes

    they are interdependent
  7. it is very easy to lose focus on one particular aspect of treatment-
    lose focus of the WHOLE PICTURE
  8. our domain
    the area of human experience in which we offer assistance to others......

    we help others to engage in everyday life activities...or OCCUPATIONS
  9. occupation
    defined as.....
    activities... of everyday life, named, organized, and given value and meaning by individual and culture

    occupation is everything people do to occupy themselves...enjoying life... and contributing to the social and economic fabric of their communities
  10. OTs and OTAs
    expertise lies in their
    knowledge of occupation and how engaging in occupations can be used to affect human performance and the effects of disease and disability

    performance changes are directed to support engagement in meaningful activities that subsequently affect health, well-being, and life.
  11. the difference between activities and occupation..........
    although occupations are defined as activities they have specific qualities:


    walue and meaning by the person as well as the culture

    central to a person's sense of identity as well as to competence and health

  12. occupations........
    central to a client's identity and sense of competence

    have meaning and value to the client

    influence how clients spend time making decisions
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