1. What is the molecular compound for ozone?
  2. How is ozone formed?
    Molecular oxygen is split by the sun's radiation and forms two single oxygen molecules. The single oxygen molecules then bond with other molecular oxygen to form 03.
  3. How far above the Earth’s surface is the “ozone shield?”
    10 to 50 kilometers
  4. What are the 3 forms of ultraviolet light reaching the atmosphere? What are their wavelengths and how is each form affected by stratospheric ozone?
    • UVA- least energetic, not effected by stratosphere ozone
    • UVB- can cause damage, mostly absorbed by ozone
    • UVC- most energetic, absorbed by stratosphere and doesn't hit earth.
  5. What are units for measuring sratospheric ozone?
    Dobsin Units
  6. What are the major ozone depleting chemicals?
    • Halons- used in fire extinguishers
    • CCL- dry cleaning
    • CFC's- used in air conditioners, refrigerators, aerosols, and foams
  7. What are some examples of reactions that deplete the ozone?
    • CL + O3 = CLO + O2
    • O3+ UVlight = O2 + O
  8. What is meant by the word catalytic chain reaction?
    CL atom is both the product and the reactant
  9. Which countries is ozone depletion the most severe? why?
    • Antarctica
    • Perhaps-China and India; They both didn't sign the Montreal Protocol(restriction laws on certain pollutains) and they are both growing industrially
  10. what time of year is the ozone layer the thinnest in Antarctica?
    September- October
  11. What is a Polar Vortex?
    Cyclone located in the middle of the upper troposphere where air is isolated
  12. What are Pola Stratospheric Clouds?
    Thin layer of clouds that has the appearance of the mother of pearl. It is implicated in the formation of ozne holes.
  13. How does the thinning of the ozone layer harm humans?
    Humans become more suseptable to contract diseases and posibly skin cancer in a warmer climate with higher UV radiation from the sun.
  14. How can humans protect themselves from UV exposure?
    making national/public laws or restrictions on pollutaints that help deplete the ozone layer, buying eco-friendly appliances, etc.
  15. What is the Montreal Protocol?
    limited production laws on ozone depleting substances
  16. What is ozone depletion?
    When weakening in the ozone caused by UVB or other substances.
  17. How does ozone depletion happen?
    radiation from the sun and CFC's that are caused by humans
  18. When was the stratosphere loss over the south pole first noticed?
  19. Above which latitudes is the ozone layer the thinnest?
    30 to 60 degrees, the equator
  20. Where and when was the lowest reading of the ozone layer.
    Antarctic- september 2006
  21. What does TOMS stand for?
    Total Ozone Mapping Spetrometer
  22. What federal agency is resposible for TOMS?
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