1. Why did the Hindu's hinder the British war efforts?
    because they were pacifists
  2. Why were the Muslims upset when the British sent them and the Hindus back to the constitutional convention after the war?
    • because they had helped so much in the war and the Hindus hadn't and the British didn't seem to have noticed
    • they were in power before the British came in the they were the minority so they probably wouldn't be afterwards with a democracy
  3. What significance did August 15, 1964 have to do with the people in India and the British
    • It was direct action day
    • when the Muslims said they would just start slaughtering Hindus if the British didn't do anything
  4. How many people were killed in Calcutta on direct action day?
  5. Who did the British decide to blame on direct action day?
    the viceroy of India
  6. Who took over as leader of India when the viceroy was fired?
  7. Who was Mountbattan related to?
    Prince Phillip
  8. When were the British planning on giving India it's independence?
    August 15, 1948
  9. When did the British end up giving India their independence?
    Auguest 15, 1947
  10. How did the British split up South Asia when they realized they couldn't keep it all together?
    • Pakistan (Muslim)
    • India (Hindu)
  11. How did the British split up Pakistan?
    East and West Pakistan
  12. On which side did the British put the capital of Pakistan?
    the West side
  13. Why is the line between India and Pakistan so crooked?
    because the British gave the rajahs choose which country they wanted to be a part of
  14. Where in South Asia are there still UN troops?
    Casmere because both India and Pakistan laid claim to it
  15. Where do a lot of Al-Qaida followers hide in South Asia?
  16. Why did East Pakistan get upset with the government?
    because they felt they were getting taxed without representation or benefits
  17. How did Pakistan split from 2 areas of land to 3?
    Bangledesh split from Pakistan
  18. Who are the Punjab's controlled by?
    the Sikh's
  19. Why are the Sikh's in India upset?
    because they are rich so they are gettin taxed more
  20. What did the Sikh's of India do to lash out?
    they killed the prime minister
  21. What area of India does mother Teresa work in?
  22. How many provinces is Jharkhand made up of?
    4 provinces
  23. Why does Jharkhand say it would be better to be independent of India?
    • because they are incredibly poor
    • they would receive more money from foreign aid than they do now from their country?
  24. What is the boundary issue with the Indus river?
    • the river runs straight through Pakistan
    • the tributaries are controlled by India
  25. What is the intesting thing about the production of Jute?
    • it is grown in India
    • manufactored in Pakistan
  26. How many jobs is India claiming they will create in the next 10 years?
    35 million jobs
  27. What is the population of India?
    1.1 billion
  28. Where are a lot of the jobs in India from?
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