Asia in premodern

  1. What group came up with 40,000 different kinds of rice in India?
    The Rice Institute
  2. Where does India get a lot of its wheat from?
    The Great Plains of America
  3. Where is the cultural hearth near India?
    The Indus River in Pakistan
  4. What culture was alive in India in 2,500 BC?
    Harappan culture
  5. Where was the Harappan culture mainly located?
    right around the Indus river
  6. What was the Harappan culture very similar to?
    that of the Greeks
  7. What culture invaded the Harappans?
    the Indo-Aryans
  8. What was another name for the Indo-Aryans?
    the Indo-Europeans
  9. What does the word Aryan mean?
  10. who are the Indians of today?
  11. Where did the Aryans originate from?
    The Caucasus Mountian area
  12. When was the major thousand year period in India?
  13. What were the two periods of the thousand year period?
    • the Vedic Age
    • the Epic Age
  14. When was the Vedic Age from?
  15. When was the Epic Age from?
  16. What all occured during the thousand year period in India?
    • Sanskrit was the national language
    • small villages were surrounded by farmland
    • agriculture became the base of their economy
    • joint family system developed
    • Hiduism developed
  17. What is the joint family system?
    • your parents arrange the marriage
    • you go and live with your husband and his family
  18. because Hinduism is not a universal religion what kind is it?
    an ethinic religion
  19. How was Hinduism founded even though there was no leader?
    • it developed through literature
    • the Vedas
  20. How does their religion dictate society?
    the caste system
  21. What is the Hindu book that talks about the worship mainly? similar to the bible to Christians.
  22. What is another name for the caste system?
  23. How many castes were there originally? how many are there now?
    • there were 4 originally
    • 5 if you count the untouchables
    • now there are thousands
  24. Why does the idea of Karma hurt India?
    because rather than helping someone out they just say oh that's bad karma, he brought it upon himself
  25. What is the Hindu word for liberation?
  26. What are the 3 main gods of Hinduism?
    • Brahma
    • Vishnu
    • Shiva
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