Science Midterm

  1. What is the Atomic number?
    The number of protons in an element. Also the number of electrons in an element.
  2. Where is the Atomic number and atomic mass located on the element on the periodic table.
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  3. What is the atomic mass?
    The number of protons and newtrons.
  4. What is an isotope?
    an element with a diffrent number of protons and neutrons.
  5. When is the Winter solstice?
    Decenber 21/22
  6. When is the Spring equinox?
    March 22/23
  7. When is the Fall equinox?
    September 21/22
  8. When is the summer solstice?
    June 21/22
  9. How tilted is the earth?
  10. What is an ion?
    Charged particle/atom
  11. What is a covalent bond?
    A bond between 2 non metalic atoms. - they SHARE valance electrons.
  12. What is a ionic bond?
    A bond between a metalic and non metalic element where the metalic item takes atoms from teh non metalic atoms to become stable.
  13. What is the difffrence between a molecule and an compound?
    A molecule is 2 or more atoms, a compound is 2 or more DIFFRENT atoms. A compund is a molecule but a molecule is not a compound.
  14. What is the order of the planets?
    • Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Satern, Uranus, Neptune.
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  15. What is the order of the sections of electromagnetic wavelength.
    Gamma rays, Xrays,Ultraviolet, Visible light, Infrared, Radio waves.
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