Spanish Prepositions

  1. Motion toward a place
  2. labels the animate, specific direct object
  3. labels the indirect object, usu. accompanied by the IOP
  4. connects verbs of motion to a following infinitive (idea of purpose)
    a (salir a comer, venir a vernos)
  5. labels rate or price
    a (A cuanto esta el dolar hoy; a 60 millas por hora; se venden a veinte dolares; __ veces a ___)
  6. labels manner
  7. on foot
    a pie
  8. on horseback
    a caballo
  9. to crawl on all fours
    andar a gatas
  10. reluctantly
    a reganadientes
  11. double spaced
    a doble espacio
  12. to write in pencil
    escribir a lapiz
  13. made by hand
    hecho a mano
  14. Spanish-style
    a la espanola
  15. expresses location (not en) in certain fixed expressions of time and place
  16. to be seated at the table
    estar sentados a la mesa
  17. to knock at the door
    tocar a la puerta
  18. on the left/right
    a la (mano) izquierda/derecha
  19. at the edge of town
    a la salida del pueblo
  20. upon leaving work
    a la salida del trabajo
  21. at the end of the street
    al final del calle
  22. My school is 2 km from here
    Mi colegio esta a dos kilometros de aqui
  23. around the corner
    a la vuelta de la esquina
  24. at noon/midnight
    a(l) mediodia/ a medianoche
  25. at 2 in the afternoon
    a las dos de la tarde
  26. upon our arrival
    a nuestra llegada
  27. to be on a diet
    estar a dieta; a regimen
  28. after working here for 1 month
    al mes de trabajar aqui
  29. step by step
    paso a paso
  30. one by one
    uno a uno
  31. sometimes
    a veces
  32. stealthily; behind someone's back
    a escondidas
  33. in my opinion
    a mi juicio; a mi parecer
  34. motion from a place
  35. origin and possession
  36. indicates material of which something is made or what it's filled with
  37. filled with water
    lleno de agua
  38. covered with snow
    cubierto de nieve
  39. dressed in black
    vestido de negro
  40. painted blue
    pintado de azul
  41. a music lesson
    una leccion de musica
  42. an art show
    un exposicion de arte
  43. washing machine
    la maquina de lavar
  44. characteristic
  45. woman in the red hat
    mujer del sombrero rojo
  46. a man of medium build
    un hombre de porto medio
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