1. Who was Maurice Duplesis?
    Quebec Premier and leader of the Union Nationale from the 1930s and 50s.
  2. Who was the premier of Quebec during the Quiet Revelution?
    Jean Lesage
  3. When was the Quiet Revelution?
  4. What were some changes made during the Quiet Revelution?
    • -Church influenced declined
    • - modern education system
    • - medical services in government control
    • - protection for labourers
    • - Women made equal
    • - Younger voting age
    • - Hydro-Quebec public
    • - More artistic expression
  5. What does "maitre chez nous" mean?
    "Masters in our own house", representing how Quebecers want more control of their province.
  6. What was the significance of the Quiet revelution?
    It led to the Quebec separatist movement and a bunch of other issues linked to french Canadians.
  7. When was the October Crisis?
  8. Who were the FLQ?
    A Quebec separatist group that used violence to make a statement.
  9. Who was kidnapped during the FLQ crisis?
    John Cross, British Trade Commissioner (lived) and Pierre Laporte Quebec Cabinet minister (died).
  10. What did Trudeau do about the October Crisis?
    He invoked the War Measures act, arrested 500 people.
  11. What are the Pros and Cons of Trudeau invoking the war Measures act?
    • Pros:
    • - It was a dangerous time because 2 people were kidnapped
    • - Threat of bombs and other hazards

    • Cons:
    • - It took away people's rights
    • - It might have been overeacting because 2 kidnappings may not be a good enough reason to invoke the War Measures act.
  12. What and when was Bill 101?
    • 1977, a law that said
    • - French is the official lanuage
    • - Only french schools allowed
    • - Signs can only be in French
  13. When was the first Quebec referandum and what did it propose?
    1980, it proposed sovereignty association, separation, but still having ecconomic ties.
  14. What did Trudeau promise before the 1980 referandum?
    He promised that he would repatriate the constitution.
  15. What were the results of the 1980 referandum?
    • 60% no
    • 40% yes
  16. When was the 2nd Quebec separation referandum?
  17. What was promised in the 1995 referandum?
    "distinct society" status for Quebec if they didn't leave.
  18. What were the results of the 1995 referandum?
    • 50.58% no
    • 49.42 % yes
  19. Who was Rene Levesque?
    Leader of Parti Quebequois, premier of Quebec during 1980 referandum, Quebec separatist advocate.
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