1. What are the five common sentence patterns?
    a. S+V

    • b. S+AV+DO
    • c. S+AV+IO+DO
    • d. S+LV+PN
    • e. S+LV+PA
  2. Direct objects:

    a. answer what questions?
    b. always follows what?

    • a. 'What?' or 'Whom?'
    • b. an action verb

    Ex: The komodo dragon eats people.

    • People is the DO.
  3. What 3 things must a sentence have?
    A subject, verb, and complete thought.
  4. Indirect objects:

    a. are always between what and what?
    b. answers what questions?
    • a. action verb and direct object
    • b. 'To whom?', 'For whom?', 'To what?', or 'For what?'

    Ex: Jacob gave Bella love.

    Bella is the indirect object.
  5. What are the two types of subject complements?
    Predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives
  6. Predicate nominatives (predicate nouns):

    a. follow what?
    b. identify or rename what?
    • a. linking verbs
    • b. the subject

    Ex: The judge is a woman.

    Woman is the predicate nominative.
  7. Predicate adjectives:

    a. follows what?

    b. modifies what?
    a. linking verbs

    b. the subject

    Ex: Jim is tall.

    Tall is the predicate adjective.
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