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  1. Maidenheads
  2. profaners
    • one who treats something sacred with abuse,
    • irreverance, or contempt
  3. Pernicious
    • Deadly or destructive. e.g. "Let this pernicious hour
    • stand aye accursed in the calendar!"
  4. augmenting
    making something larger in size his salary was augmented by an inheritance
  5. portentous
    • ominously significant or indicative, a portentous
    • defeat; marvelous, amazing, prodigious
  6. Importuned
    Questioned; Pressed or urged with troublesome persistence
  7. Grievance
    Anything inducing grief or causing sorrow
  8. Propagate
    Reproduce, breed, or cause to increase
  9. vexed
    highly annoyed or irked
  10. marred
    • to damaged or spoiled to a certain extent;
    • rendered less perfect,
    • attractive, useful, etc
  11. Giddy
    extremely elated or happy
  12. obscured
    made dark and unknown
  13. Prolixity
    unduly prolonged or drawn out
  14. Hoodwinked
    transitive verb; deceived by false appearance: tricked
  15. Boisterous
    rough and noisy; noisily jolly or rowdy
  16. visage
  17. idle
    not workoing or not active. doing nothing
  18. vain
    Insubstantial, not enough
  19. vile
    • Repulsive or unclean: "A vile
    • pond". Alternatively,
    • evil or twisted: A vile scheme.
  20. scathe
    To do harm to, physically or verbally
  21. Loathed
    disliked greatly
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