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  1. Acostarse (o-ue)
    To go to bed
  2. Afeitarse
    To shave
  3. Arreglarse (el pelo)
    To fix (ones hair)
  4. Bañarse
    To take a bath
  5. Cepillarse (los dientes)
    To brush (ones teeth)
  6. Cortarse el pelo
    To cut ones hair
  7. Despertarse (e-ie)
    To wake up
  8. Ducharse
    To take a shower
  9. Levantarse
    To get up
  10. Lavarse (la cara)
    To wash (ones face)
  11. Pedir prestado, -a (a)
    To borrow (from)
  12. Pintarse (las uñas)
    To paint, to polish (ones nails)
  13. Ponerse
    To put on
  14. Prepararse
    To get ready
  15. Secarse
    To dry
  16. Vestirse (e-i)
    To get dressed
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